Waitress Tipped Big By George W. Bush Tweets That He Did 9/11

Leisa Smith was having a good serving shift when former President George Bush & wife Laura sat at her table and tipped her very well. Leisa than turned her back on Bush and went on Twitter to claim he set up 9/11 – one of the biggest conspiracies amongst theorists. Hit the jump for this mockery.

(Video) George W. Bush LOL’d About Kanye West Running For President In 2020

It seems like former President George W. Bush still hasn’t gotten over his turbulent past with rapper Kanye West. Several years ago during a Hurricane Katrina telethon, Kanye fired shots at the former president saying, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” The incident must have truly scarred Bush who later named the incident “one of the most disgusting moments” of his presidency. When TMZ cameras caught up with Bush, and asked him what he thought about Kanye announcing his bid for the presidency in 2020, he could only respond with laughter. Check out the clip below.

(PHOTO) NCAA: George W. Bush Sends Note To Bama Kicker After Loss

Fans went crazy on kicker Cade Foster after the Crimson Tide lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.  Foster had missed all three of his field goal attempts.  Well former president George W. Bush did something amazing to help him feel better.  He sent a heartfelt note.  I think this is great.  Check it out…

(Photo) Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Program Released!

Last week, funeral arrangements for Nelson Mandela was released, and tomorrow, the leader continues to be remembered. Another service will be held in South Africa, where former as well as current Presidents from all around the world will speak – including Barack Obama, who took Air Force One with wife, Michelle to the country this afternoon [see in the gallery]. A list of others to attend are, “George W. Bush and his wife, Laura; the Clintons; and former President Jimmy Carter,” according to the NY Daily News. This will be a great home-going. Check out other attendees in the gallery.

Who Took More Vacation Days In The Office: President Obama Or George W. Bush?!

CBS New Correspondent Mark Knoller has done the math and has figure out a ton of presidential data including how many vacation days President Obama has taken so far in his second term. Click the jump to see how he compares to other past presidents like Bill CLinton and George W. Bush!

(Breaking) Former President, George W. Bush Endures A Heart Procedure!

George W. Bush endures a heart procedure in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital this morning. See how he’s doing after the jump.

LOL! George W. Bush Shaking His Booty In Africa…Why?

George W has silently been traveling the world with his wife Laura, and went on a humanitarian trip to Africa. In this interview both Dubya and his wife discuss the programs the American taxpayer has helped with the health crisis in Africa. At 2:45 they show footage of George W. dancing in Africa, and his wife just talks about how much she was laughing at him, and he admits that he got “carried away by the spirit”. Check out the footage after the jump.

Obama Said What About Bush?!?

Obama made an appearance at the George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication and gave a speech about former President Bush. Hit the jump to see exactly what he said.

(Photos) George Bush Hacked???

Former President George H.W. Bush’s emails got hacked yesterday, including confidential emails, phone numbers, photos and even the security code for George W.’s House (LOL he better watch out now!) Guccifer, a notorious hacker, also hacked photos sent to and from members of the Bush family, including some embarrassing nude self-portraits of George W. (why in the world would Dubya send nude pictures to his sister?) This would have been way more epic if W had been hacked while still President. Check out what was taken after the jump.

Worddd!!! Obama Sentences Himself To Life?!?!

Hold On, Obama’s not goign to jail, but he did sentence himself to and former President George W. Bush to something. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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