(Video) Dude Spits On Train Conductor Then Gets Handled

Dude Spits On Train Conductor Then Gets Handled. I never understood why people who aren’t tough always try to act like they are, especially in situations where its unwarranted.. like in a train. Check out the video inside.

(Video) Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out

Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out. To all you fake tough guys out there that go to the gym five days a week, lift a crazy amount and feel like you can take on anybody or anything.. You can’t. Check out the video below.

(Photo) And Another One! Azealia Banks Gets Ethered In A Twitter Quarrel With Lupe Fiasco??

I mean I’ve heard of being opinionated, and speaking your mind….but this girl takes it to whole new levels. And another one! Azealia Banks gets ethered in a twitter quarrel with Lupe Fiasco?? Looks like Azealia Banks poked the bear one too many times, and Lupe was finally the person to snap and happily have a response for every one of the opinionated femcees darts thrown his way. Sheesh the girl just had it out with Kendrick Lamar! Azaealia…. that shade of envy green doesn’t look good on you at all mama! See Azealia end up with egg on her face inside.

(Video) Sleeping Friend Gets His Ass Lit On Fire.. Literally

Sleeping Friend Gets His Ass Lit On Fire.. Literally. What are friends for right? To hook you up with the fat chick that no one wants to talk to, to stay up with you real late at night and also to set you on fire and almost burning you to death. Check out the video after the jump!

(Photos) LOL!! State Trooper Gives Woman Ticket Days After She Lies About Speeding!!!

After pulling a woman over for going 82mph in a 62mph zone, one officer proved that he has a heart. During the stop, Trooper Christopher Cummings noticed that not-only did the woman have and expired registration sticker, but also a suspended license. When he approached her car during the stop and asked why she was in such a hurry, the woman, 28-year-old Carley Williams, hit the officer with her sob story.

(Caught On Tape) Whoa!! Swerving Driver Almost Hits A Guy In The Crosswalk!!!!

It was a close call for a man attempting to walk a crosswalk. As he began to walk, a car drifts inches away from him. What’s crazy is that he doesn’t even move. Good thing for him, because the car only manages to graze one of the tires he’s holding. Check out the video after the jump.

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