(Video) What Drama?! Lea Michele Denies Cast Fight With Naya Rivera

No drama here! Glee star Lea Michele denies rumors that she and cast-mate, Naya Rivera, threw down on set during an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman.

UPDATE!! Was Naya Rivera Really Fired From ‘Glee’ And Dropped From Colombia Records?!

Hmmm… now this is interesting. Various news outlets, including IFWT, have reported that Naya Rivera’s recent stem of bad news. As perviously reported, the starlet was fired from Glee from allegedly feuding with Lea Michelle and being an unbearable diva on set. Then, it was also reported that she was dropped from Colombia Records after signing with the label in 2011. Contrary to these reports, her reps are saying all these claims are FALSE!

Damn! The Bad News Continues For Naya Rivera: Find Out Who Just Dropped The Singer

It’s been nothing but mad news for actress/singer Naya Rivera. First, her split from Big Sean as been nothing but messy. Followed by reports of her feuding with (former) Glee cast-mate Lea Michelle, and then being fired from the hit-series for her “diva-like” behavior shortly after; Naya just received another hit of bad news.

Uh-Oh! Naya Rivera Fired From “Glee” After Feuding With WHO?!?!

Wow! First Big Sean, now “Glee.” Not to long ago, Naya Rivera and her (now Ex) G.O.O.D. Music boyfriend had split, calling off their engagement. Now after a feud with not only Leah Michele, but also the show’s producers, Rivera has been booted from her day job. More info after the jump.

Uh-Oh! Is There Even More Bad News For Naya Rivera?!

Naya Rivera is already having a rough month, having split with her boyfriend of one year, Big Sean. It’s a messy breakup at that, so that makes the situation that much more stressful. To add to the drama, she MAY have been fired from the show that had her making “more money than me and sh*t,” if new reports that have surfaced have any truth to them. According to TMZ, Naya got into it with her GLEE co-star Lea Michele on set earlier this week, but both ladies’ camps are telling different stories. If you let Naya’s people tell it: Lea was acting like a “diva” on Tuesday, making everyone wait to shoot a scene while she dealt with a personal matter, and after a while, Naya “had the stones” to finally go to producers to let them know on everyone’s behalf. Once Lea returned and got word that Naya snitched, she “left the set in a huff.” Now, if you let Lea’s people tell it: There weren’t any complaints about Lea, and she and Naya weren’t even filming together. However, Naya was tossed off set, and reportedly even fired. Naturally, Naya’s people deny that. Oh boy! We’ll keep you updated!

(Video) Big Sean Hounded By Paparazzi About Breakup: Check Out His Response!

As previously reported, Big Sean and Naya Rivera have ended their engagement, after Sean pulled the plug because Naya is allegedly “too jealous and controlling.” There have also been reports that Sean cheated, as well as stole a Rolex from Naya’s home. None have been confirmed, however, so paparazzi attempted to get a statement from Sean upon his return to LAX with his team. (Hey Zeno, Mike and Nicole! LOL.) Sean ignored 99.9% of the questions – but he did have one thing to add. Find out what he said below!

(Photos) Big Sean Shares A No-Makeup Pic Of Fianceé Naya Rivera!

Big Sean is in LOVE, and that means enjoying your boo’s company – with or without makeup! (Though lucky for Sean, his main squeeze is just as gorgeous when she’s not all done up!) Taking to Instagram to promote his latest vlog, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper shared a photo of himself and his fianceé, sans the makeup we’re used to seeing her with on Glee and red carpet appearances. What do you think of the look? Let us know in the comments!

(Video) Can’t Get Enough Of Naya Rivera? We have Your Fix!

Naya gets candid and is giving us an imitate look at her life with her new Youtube channel.

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Actress Julia Roberts’ younger half-sister Nancy Motes has been found dead on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Her fiancé John Dilbeck discovered the 37-year-old in the bathroom of their home. According to reports, her family issued a statement to People saying the official cause of death was from a drug overdose. Click below for more info.

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