(Video) NBA: Glenn Robinson Calls Stephen A. Smith Racist & Skip’s ‘Crash Course Dummy’

Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson did NOT accept Stephen A. Smith’s quasi-apology Tuesday morning, instead he fired back at Smith and flipped the script on him.

(Video) NBA: Stephen A. Smith Kinda Apologizes & Declines to Fight Glenn Robinson

Earlier today I posted a video of Glenn Robinson offering to set up an MMA style cage match to fight Stephen A. Smith to solve and end their beef.  Today on ESPN’s First Take, Smith addressed the comments and declined the fight.

(Video) NBA: Glenn Robinson Offers to Set Up a Fight With Stephen A. Smith to Settle Their Beef

Stephen A. Smith’s bite better be as big as his bark if he accepts Glenn Robinson’s challenge.  The former NBA star says he wants to end the beef with Smith once and for all and is willing to set up a cage match for them to duke it out.

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