(Photo) Adult Star Teanna Trump Launches A ‘GoFundMe’ Page And The Internet Explodes With Thirst

Adult Star Teanna Trump has recently been released from jail. The star, whose real name is Keanna Nichele Jones, was let out after doing 180 days for a weed bust. She is now asking fans to donate money to her ‘GoFundMe’ page so that she can get back on her feet.

(Photo + Video) Orlando Shooting GoFundMe Raises Over $3.5 Million In Just 2 Days

There has been a GoFundMe page to raise money in the light of the Orlando shooting which left 49 people dead. The mass shooting is raising awareness all over for the LGBT community and also raising eyebrows about the gun laws.

Selena Gomez’s Stepfather Raises More Than $100K For Christina Grimmie’s Family

Selena Gomez’ stepfather as well as the late Christina Grimmie’s manager, Brian Teefey, has raised more than $100K for the young slain singer’s family.

(Video) Father Shares Heartfelt Story About Now Handicapped Child

This video is honestly one of the saddest videos I’ve seen before. A man shares a video of how his once healthy son is now handicapped. The father breaks down after saying he will never be able to teach his son how to do things that normal kids do.

Ke$ha Says Dr. Luke Has Been Withholding Royalties From Her; Has “Virtually No Income”

Ke$ha’s ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke is not an easy one – as all court battles cost a pretty penny – but it’s that much harder considering the pop singer has next to no income. Sources close to Ke$ha tell TMZ that she “has been on ice for 3 years,” (aka has not put out any music,) and on top of that, Dr. Luke has withheld royalties from her. In a nutshell, that means she has virtually no income.

(Photo) Just Stop: Man Creates A GoFundMe Page To Buy An Engagement Ring

As a woman, I really can’t think of anything more embarrassing than my man crowdfunding to purchase my engagement ring. However, that’s exactly what a man by the name of Ken Mack tried to do. Hit the jump for more.

Woman Spends All Her Money On Powerball…Doesn’t Win…Then Creates A GoFundMe Page To Get It All Back

Alright … We can all agree that the $1.6 billion Powerball has made us a little crazy. You can’t say that you haven’t had the urge to spend large lump sums of money on a chance to win the lottery, but spending everything you have for a 50/50 chance? Not worth it.

(Photos) John Singleton’s Son Sets Up GoFundMe To Raise At Least 6k To Pay For Tuition Since His Dad Cut Him Off

John Singleton’s son Maasai Singleton has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to pay for his final semester of college at the University of Southern California after his dad told him he wouldn’t be paying for it. Since the college school year is right in the middle, it is too late for him to receive financial aid and he says he has no credit to take out loans. With just a few weeks until his semester is to begin the young director (just like his dad) decided to post an update to ask for more donations. Maasai Singleton has to raise at least $6k to remain enrolled. Listen to his story after the jump!

Spring Valley High Student’s Mother Is Alive + GoFundMe Account For The Teen Raises $27K

Police officers around the world have been under a microscopic light recently, which is one of the many reasons that the students of Spring Valley High School in South Carolina were quick to pull out their phones and record the exchange between a Black female teen and resource officer Ben Fields. When the teen, now known as Shakara decided to not put her phone away, while in class, Fields flung and threw the child across the room like a rag doll. The recording caused a frenzy; including a story that claimed Shakara as a young lady with no parents. J. Todd Rutherford of Rutherford Law Firm LLC, Shakara’s attorney, chatted with Joe Madison on the Black Eagle Sirius XM show where he cleared up some of the stories floating around. He said that while the girl’s mother and grandmother are both alive, making her no orphan, she is in fact in foster care (same different). Find out more after the jump.

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