(Video) Porn Performers Have To Wear Protective Goggles ?

In 2012, Los Angeles County began requiring porn performers use condoms. But it turns out that might have only been the beginning of a porn crackdown. Now California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) has proposed a new serious of regulations for the porn industry to wear protective goggles.

DeAngelo Williams Says Its Time To Get Your Goggles Out, He’s Looking For Blood & Guts

In an interview with ESPN, DeAngelo Williams explains that once he faces Carolina he wants to throw on his goggles because theres going to be blood & guts. The interview very and his comments showed that he was interested in “revenge” against the Panthers.

Use Beer Goggles On Yourself Lol!

Yes you know what beer goggles are.  You know you have a drink or five in you and the girl/guy across the bar suddenly looks much more attractive then he/she did when you first walked in.  At this exact moment you are now wearing beer goggles lol!  According to a study when men drink they find themselves much more attractive, so those beer goggles come in handy for a self esteem boost.  On the other hand a small percent of women thought that looking at the mirror with beer goggles on made them look better. Steph B

(Photos) NBA: Tony Parker Rocks Goggles During Olympic Warm-Up Game Due To Eye Injury

Sabrina B. Tony Parker is still feeling the impact of the glass bottle that hit him in the eye during the Chris Brown vs. Drake nightclub brawl … ’cause a month later, he’s wearing protective goggles to keep the injury from getting worse. 

Tech Talk Video: Futuristic Ski Goggles With Built In LCD Display!

This one is for all you snow sports enthusiasts out there. Ever wonder how fast you’re going? How far that last jump was? Or even check you texts, emails and phone calls? Well thanks to Smith Optics and Recon Instruments you can. The Smith Optics I/O goggle features a built in LCD display that wirelessly connects to your smartphone. It displays real-time information such as text, emails, videos, weather conditions, and more on directly onto your field of vision. Hit the jump to see it work. @steveisDOPE x @TatWZA

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