The Good And Bad News Behind Where The DEA Stands On Marijuana

Okay, so there is some good news and bad on the weed tip. Lets get the bad news out the way. The Obama administration has just denied a request from two governors to reclassify marijuana. Marijuana will now stay a Level 1 drug meaning it will be classified with one of the most dangerous drugs such as heroine.

(Video) Premiere: Pusha T ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ Film Trailer

As the new found president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music, Pusha T reveals to the world his dark, menacing, and artistically profound trailer for the short film set to go along with his next album. Check the gripping visual after the jump.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Police Officer Buys Shoplifters Stolen Goods For Her!!

Police Officer Buys Shoplifters Stolen Goods, All of the police brutality as of late, the people have lost complete confidence in law enforcement, but I’ve been saying all along(While pointing out the brutality) Not All cops are fu**ed up, and this one proves it!!

(Video) Apple’s Eddy Cue, And Jimmy Iovine Drop Knowledge At Tech Conference Together

1st Off, Eddy says “Apple has the best product line up in 25 years”, which is a big statement, as in the last 25 years Apple has introduced devices that have changed the world(i.e. iPod, iMac, iPhone…etc etc), then there is dome funny banter from Jimmy Iovine about Apple’s EarPods.

So This Is How Rick Ross And Young Jeezy Made Peace

The Hip Hop world prob already figured out that The Boss Rick Ross and Motivated Thug Young Jeezy have squashed the beef, but TMZ Reports Who made it happen!

(Photos) The Good, The Bad & The Worse Of BETs 2013 Hip-Hop Awards Green Carpet!

Okay, it’s the 2013 Hip-Hop Bet Awards, and the, ‘Green Carpet’ was jam-packed of course some rumors have surfaced since then – I’ll fill you in later – but, the big story here is wardrobe. As I glance at some photos, there are a few stunning jaw-droppers, then there are some that makes one say – what the hell was [you] your stylist thinking?!?!?! I’ll keep this broad and leave the individual opinions to myself, but hit the jump and you tell me what you think, after the jump.

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