(Photo) Kim And Kanye Neighbors Freak Out About Graffiti On Their Home But It’s Not What They Think…

Kim and Kanye’s neighbors had a bit of a freak out earlier this week, when graffiti appeared on the front of their new home. The couple’s home has been under construction for quite some time and a new plastering project was in motion to begin at the end of this week. Neighbors feared that KimYe had been a targeted by some graffiti artists and frantically called Kim and security to get the matter straightened out. Kim was able to calm everyone in down, however when she revealed that she and Kanye did the paint job themselves. The graffiti read “I (heart) Kim” and “I (heart) Kanye.” Looks like the couple found a way to have a little fun and leave their mark on the home. Click the gallery for photos.

City Officials Coming For Justin Bieber & His Label Over Graffiti-Painted Streets

The love that San Francisco Justin Bieber fans have for the “Sorry” singer is forcing authorities to take legal action. Following Bieber’s graffiti promotion for his latest album, Purpose, fans have taken in his footsteps to paint the city streets green, blue, red, and plenty other colors. City Attorney Dennis Herrera says the actions of fans “illegally exploits our city’s walkable neighborhoods and robust tourism.” Someone will pay, and Herrera is looking at Bieber’s label to make those payments.

The Real Belieber: Justin Bieber Fan Graffitis A Wall With The Singer’s Album Release Date

I love a good musician too. Hell, I’ll even do the groupie scream around a few great artists, but I’m not willing to be a product of the penal system; Justin Bieber fans are. Fans of the “I’ll Show You” singer are a mere couple hours shy of the release of Purpose, and they wanted everyone else to know as well. Find out more after the jump.

(Photos + Video) Whoa – Check Out What Chris Brown Did In This Parking Lot!

Chris Brown recently tagged up an entire West Hollywood parking lot, but don’t worry – it was authorized! Breezy was gifted the 2,000 sq. ft. lot from Hollywood Hillbillies producer/cast member David Weintraub, and joined forces with famed street artist Alec Monopoly to make it their latest art canvas. TMZ reports the guys worked on the 10-foot walls for 3 nights, with Chris of course tagging his signature monsters, and Alec adding his infamous Scrooge McDuck on a pile of cash. Cops did end up showing up a handful of times (5 to be exact,) but they couldn’t do a damn thing because the tagging was owner authorized. Take that! Check out video of the tagging session below.

Grandmaster Flash Says Graffiti Is Not A Part Of Hip-Hop – And Graffiti Pioneers Agree

Well this is certain to stir up some controversy! Just like b-boy dancing, DJing and of course the music, graffiti has always been considered an element of the hip-hop culture – but one of the pioneers of rap is saying “not so much!” In the new book The Concise Guide to Hip-Hop Music, Grandmaster Flash asks, “You know what bugs me, they put hip-hop with graffiti. How do they intertwine?” and graffiti legends FARGO and BLADE chime in to agree.

(Photos) #Skills: Chris Brown Spray Paints A Mural Outside Of A Miami Chicken Shack

Chris Brown seems to be getting in touch with his artistic side because the “Loyal” singer was spotted tagging up a wall outside of House of Wings chicken shack in Miami. He joined the well-known fashion designer Ron Bass and graffiti’d it up. Check the pics of Breezy’s new skills in the gallery. He’s actually REALLY nice, too!

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