(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Grandmother Turns Up On Pacquiao!

The excitement that the Mayweather family felt after watching Floyd be crowned as Champion for the 48th time in a row was definitely evident as they exited the MGM Grand Arena. In an impromptu interview, Mama Mayweather chimes in on her thoughts of Manny Pacquiao. Click more to view the video!

(Video) CTFU! Three Lil’ Old Ladies Smoking Weed For The First Time – #PRICELESS!!!

HA-LA-RI-US!!! “I was too busy raising children,” one grandmother claimed as her excuse for never trying marijuana. “I was a suburban house wife we had our cigrettes and our cocktails and we were happy,” another one stated. Then slam! They were taken aback when the bong was placed in front of them. Following the midterm elections, there were many places across the globe that legalized the good ol’ green trees and to test some things out [in D.C. particularly], a panel got these three ladies to smoke, laugh and snack on Doritos. “This could be dangerously fun[ny],” so check it out after the jump.

Grandma’s Accidentally Tagging Themselves As WHAT On Facebook?!

Apparently Grandmas and Grandpas around the world get a dose of Hip Hop every time someone tries to tag them on Facebook as “grandma” or “grandpa” The auto-correction tool which is supposed to help you complete your thoughts types in “Grandmaster Flash” once “grandm” is written. Check out the gallery to see the examples of the hilarious phenomenon. Hit the jump to see what the Hip Hop veteran had to say about it as well.

(Video) Family Demands For Investigation After Great Grandmother Is Attacked By A Police Officer !

A family in California is demanding justice after a great grandmother was beaten up by several police officers on a highway! Reports say the woman was walking on the highway and she was walking towards the sidewalk after a officer told her to get off the highway. Instead of letting her get off, he started to attack her. Find out more details after the jump!

(Video) LMFAO: Grandmothers Read Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” Lyrics Out Loud & It’s Hilarious!

Put 3 grandmas together and this is the results you get when they read the “Drunk In Love” lyrics. See the hilarious footage of them speaking about bathtubs, surfboards and impregnating below! LOL

(Photo) SMH: Christmas Gift Gone Wrong!

After Grandma decided to head to Spencers in search of a gift for her granddaughter Molly, good ole’ Granny left with not just one gift but a bag full of Molly inspired Gifts! Molly on the other hand was not so ecstatic, hit the jump to see the result of this hilarious generation gap!

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