Personalized 1982 Grandmaster Flash Mixtape Surfaces The Net

Grandmaster Flash, the iconic hip-hip artist has a gem that just surfaced the net. A UK music blog has just shared one of Flash’s personalized mixtapes. He made the mixtape in 1982 for someone by the name of Money Mike. At the beginning of the tape, you can hear him tell Mike to keep the tape exclusive and not share it with anyone.

(Photo+Video) Parking Attendant Gives Away Grandmaster Flash’s Custom Car To The Wrong Person

Grandmaster Flash has filed a police report and posted an Instagram plea, trying to figure out just how a parking attendant could give away his custom Dodge Charger to the wrong person. Hit the jump for more details.

Grandmaster Flash Says Graffiti Is Not A Part Of Hip-Hop – And Graffiti Pioneers Agree

Well this is certain to stir up some controversy! Just like b-boy dancing, DJing and of course the music, graffiti has always been considered an element of the hip-hop culture – but one of the pioneers of rap is saying “not so much!” In the new book The Concise Guide to Hip-Hop Music, Grandmaster Flash asks, “You know what bugs me, they put hip-hop with graffiti. How do they intertwine?” and graffiti legends FARGO and BLADE chime in to agree.

Grandma’s Accidentally Tagging Themselves As WHAT On Facebook?!

Apparently Grandmas and Grandpas around the world get a dose of Hip Hop every time someone tries to tag them on Facebook as “grandma” or “grandpa” The auto-correction tool which is supposed to help you complete your thoughts types in “Grandmaster Flash” once “grandm” is written. Check out the gallery to see the examples of the hilarious phenomenon. Hit the jump to see what the Hip Hop veteran had to say about it as well.

(Video) LOL: Alex Tribek Spits Biggie, Beastie Boys, And Dr. Dre Lyrics On Jeopardy!!

Now, Alex Tribek is a true vet when it comes to the entertainment game, but who knew he had bars? Well, although they aren’t HIS, he still does a good job reciting them. Hit the jump to see how far Hip-Hop has come.

(Video) IFWT Celebrates The Life Of Jam Master Jay-Grandmaster Flash And JMJ Battling

Ed Lover hosted a battle between legendary Grandmaster Flash and Jam Master Jay for MTV’s Hip Hop Week. The beginning of the clip features our very own, Funk Flex! I’m not sure what year this is from but it’s dope nonetheless. Check out the battle after the jump! RIP, Jam Master Jay! Julie1205

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