(Video 18+) GRAPHIC: Biker Hit By Car Driving On Wrong Side Of The Road

One family traveling on a winding road, captured video of one man riding a bike being hit head on by an impatient driver. In the footage, you can see cars traveling uphill behind a slow moving truck, one car at the end of the line cut over the double yellow line, into the lane for opposing traffic trying to get ahead. The car hit a man coming downhill on a bicycle, throwing him from the bicycle. You can hear the family inside the car begin to panic, wondering if the man is alive as he lays in the middle of the road. Check the footage below.

(Warning: Graphic Video) Terrorists Enter Kenya Mall & Casually Shoot Shoppers, Chat On Their Cells & Pray

This is so sad. The shocking footage of last month’s Westgate Mall attacks in Kenya has been released, and it gives some insight into the horror and panic the shoppers faced because of the 4 attackers. More than 60 people died, and the number may rise as officials fear additional, unidentified bodies remain buried under rubble from the mall’s partial collapse. Terror group Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was retribution for Kenya’s deployment of troops into Somalia. Watch the graphic video below.

(Graphic Video) EW! Woman Addicted To Drinking Blood

This might be the craziest obsession that has been featured on My Strange Addiction! We’ve seen everything from someone eating poetry to vapor rub but this one might take the cake. 29-year-old, Michelle, who is a tattoo artist is addicted to drinking blood! She said that not only drinks it, but she will also cook with it and will go “crazy” if she doesn’t have it once a day. Pig blood is her blood of choice, but she has no problems drinking human blood if she has a donor. Michelle said that she has been drinking blood for 14 years now and love it. Watch the graphic video below.

(Graphic Video) Watch What Happens To This Man After He Gets Shot In The Chest

“Live by the gun die by it” is real for a lot of people, including this man. The graphic video show what happens to a man, who appears to be handcuffed, after he takes a bullet to the chest. After being shot, the bloody man doesn’t appear to be in a lot of pain and continues talking (I’m unsure what he says because it’s in a different language) before laying down on the street. Warning this video is graphic and is also very NSFW. See the video below. Funk Flex

(Graphic Video) Man Shoots Himself After Police Chase

  On September 28, a man shot himself in the head after a police car chase. FOX News was following the story live with a helicopter cam when things went wrong. The news anchor follows along with the story and when he realizes what happened he began yelling at producers to cut the footage. FOX has since apologized for airing the clip. Watch the graphic video below. Funk Flex

(Warning Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Iranian Bomber Detonates And Blows His Legs Off In Terror Attack

WOW!!! This guy attempted to blow something up(honestly didn’t read the article) but had an epic fail when he blew his legs off instead. Click below to see the video. #Warning!!!! @wilMajor

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