(Video) NBA: Dwyane Wade Leaves Game With A Very Painful Looking Injury

This did not look good last night. Dwyane Wade went down to the court in pain after what appeared to be an extended knee issue. When he fell though he basically did a complete split, which as a man I am sure added to the pain for a minute. No word from the Heat yet other than to say they are evaluating Wade.

(Video) NBA: Lebron Has To Be Restrained After Harden Kicks Him, Tells Corey Brewer He Will “F*** Him Up”

The Rockets and Cavs only see each other twice a season, but the way they are going at each other today you would think they are bitter rivals. We already had some scraping going on early in the game with Lebron and Patrick Beverley, then Bron got into it with James Harden after the bearded one appeared to hit him with a cheap kick in the man region. Lebron obviously took issue with that and had to be restrained. For some reason Corey Brewer then thought he would be a tough guy and say something to Lebron only to have Bron repeatedly tell him that he “will f*** him up”! You gotta love the NBA when it gets like this.

(Video) NBA: LOL, Tim Duncan Tells Ref He Got Kicked “Down There”

The Spurs may of won the game last night, but at one point Tim Duncan wasn’t feeling too good about it. That was after he got kicked in the groin by Russell Westbrook as Russ drove to the basket. A few moments later cameras caught Duncan telling the refs “he kicked me in the nuts”. You have to lip read to see it but it is pretty funny how he goes about telling them. Hit the jump.

(Video) Damn, That Had To Hurt! Someone Throws A SHOE Right At Taylor Swift’s Ex’s GROIN!

There must have been a Taylor Swift fan in the audience of the One Direction concert in Glasgow on Tuesday night! During their performance, someone threw a SHOE on to the stage (“Who throws a shoe?!” *Austin Powers voice*) and it made a perfect landing right where it hurts on the ex of Tay, Harry Styles. It was so bad, he fell right to the ground in pain! OUCH! Eventually, he picks himself back up…but not before wreathing on the floor a bit. Watch the painful video below! I’m sure Taylor had a bit of a snicker.

NFL: Roger Goodell Weighs In on Ndamukong Suh’s Groin Kick

When I watched the kick as it happened on Thanksgiving day, my initial reaction was that the kick to Schaub’s balls was not intentional (judge for yourself if you missed it). NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and league officials looked at Ndamukong Suh’s latest infamous act on the field from several angles, trying to understand why the Detroit Lionsdefensive tackle kicked Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin area. GameTimeGirl

(Video) NFL: Ouch! Ndamukong Suh Kicks Matt Schaub In The Groin

This really isn’t a big deal (looked accidental to me), it’s just ironic cause it’s another Ndamukong Suh hit on Thanksgiving day.  Remember Suh’s stomp last year?  Well this time, Matt Schaub got kicked where NO man wants to be kicked. ouch. GameTimeGirl

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