Samsung Galaxy S IV Announcement (Livestream)

The day is finally here. Watch the announcement of Samsung’s flagship device. The Galaxy S IV

High Quality Pics Of Galaxy SIV Released Before Announcement

  The GS IV is set to debut later to in NYC, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the chance to get a glimpse of the smartphone. After the break check out high quality images.

Samsung Drops Second Trailer For GS IV

Another day another trailer before Samsung annouces their next big device in a couple days to build up more hype Samsung releases another trailer. After the break check what Samsung is teasing us with.

Samsung Defends Keeping Plastic Build On Galaxy SIV

Fans of the Galaxy S series were hoping the device would come with premium hardware this go around, but the bubble has been popped as an insider suggest the device will come equipped with plastic hardware. Yes, Samsung made a killing with the SIII but their also in the business of making money, with the buzz the GS IV has i’m sure the device will out sell the GS IV and keeping the plastic build.“Since we are shipping really large units, we always have to think how efficiently we can manage the manufacturability and also durability,” Lee told CNET.Lee did acknowledge that there seems to be market demand for metals and high-quality plastics, however, and said the company has tried to strike a balance between firmer build quality and easy manufacturability.

@Evleaks Leak New Samsung SIV Specs!!!

More news and pics just hit Twitter land, concerning the Galaxy SIV. Twitter news outlet @Evleaks leaked out a possible image of the Galaxy SIV. Along with the image came new specs, it was has been rumored that the GS IV would have a 4.99 inch display but now according to new news from @Evleaks the new spec suggest the smartphone is now sporting a 5 inch screen. Along with the new size screen @Evleaks also says, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage configurations. It’s also rumored to launch with Android 4.2 Jellybean. Everything is still rumored stay tuned.

Galaxy IV To Feature Eye-Tracking Control

Unlike some other companies, i’m going to name any names but Samsung is looking to innovate in the smartphone market. Word on the street, Samsung looking to intergrate eye-tracking tech and touch technogily with its GS IV. And that might not be it, according to The New York Times earlier today the company has some other things ready to go with it’s new device. According to the Times “he or she detailed new eye-tracking technology that allows the user to scroll through pages without having to tough or tilt the phone at all — pages will scroll automatically as the user’s eyes move down the screen.” The new feature off course will be revealed at the announcement of the device.

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