(Video) Inmates Save a Gaurd’s Life By Breaking Out Of a Jail Cell

The one time inmates break out of a cell and it’s to save a guard’s life. Beautiful moment.

Governor Threatens To Fight Heroine Epidemic With The National Guard

After a record death toll from drugs last year, the Governor of Maine is threatening to call in reinforcements to fight the ongoing war on drugs, if lawmakers do not help the cause. Full story after the jump.

(Video) Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out

Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out. To all you fake tough guys out there that go to the gym five days a week, lift a crazy amount and feel like you can take on anybody or anything.. You can’t. Check out the video below.

(Video) Holographic Police To Guard The Olympics?!

Police in Sochi are installing holograms at the entrance to their police stations to guide people in Russian and English language about important security info, especially with all the visiting countries, should someone get lost or need feel safe.

NBA: LeBron James or Kevin Durant?! Guess Who Paul George Would Rather Guard?!

Who do you think would be harder to guard — LeBron James or Kevin Durant?!  Paul George voiced his opinion the other night.  Check it out…

Security Guard Stabs Man, Gets Put To Sleep

I found this pretty funny. It seems that a fight broke out between a man working security at a banquet hall party and one of the guests in Germantown (Philly) on Saturday, June 29th. After the initial confrontation, the guard returned with a knife. Hit the jump to see how the guest reacted.

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