(Video) Indiana Rapper Speaks On Why He Shot Himself; To ‘Gain Fame’ ?

An Indiana rapper named ‘Kasper’ took dedication to an all time height. He claims that he loves his music and what he does so much, that he shot himself in the face to gain fame and attention. This is true and you have to see it to believe it.

SMH: Moviegoer Pulls Out Gun On Child During Star Trek Movie

Every now and then we find ourselves at the movie theater telling someone to be quiet or to stop kicking our seat. But I doubt we’d ever pull out a gun… It’s not usually that serious. Hit the jump to read what this man did after a child kept kicking his seat during Star Trek.

Man Accidentally Shoots And Kills His Son While At A Gun Range

While at a shooting range in florida, William Brumby was trying to remove a shell cashing from his shirt when he accidentally shot and killed his son. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said as Brumby was shooting, a round bounced off of a wall and ended up in the back of his shirt.

Sheesh: Big Money Seized From Weed Dealers Home

The Miami-Dade police have just seized $24 million from the home of a suspected weed dealer. This is known to be the biggest single cash seizure in the history of Miami. Sheesh!

NFL: Tavaris Jackson Arrested For Pulling Loaded Gun On His Wife

Last year’s Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback, Tavaris Jackson was arrested early this morning for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at his wife while visiting family in Kissimmee, FL.

(Video) Cops Arrest Three People Who Entered The Holland Tunnel With Loaded Guns

Cops have now arrested two men and a woman who entered the Holland Tunnel with loaded handguns, rifles, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, a gun clip that says “America” and bullet-resistant vests with the word “Police” written on them. They were initially stopped for having a cracked windshield. As the cop took a look through the window he happened to spot a magazine for a gun.

(Photo) UPDATE: T.I.’s Daughter Arrested For Having A Gun At A Airport

T.I. and Tiny’s daughter Zonnique Pullins, was arrested and also charged for carrying a weapon through the security at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Pullins was transported to Clayton County Jail.

(Video) Cam’ron Opens Up About Bringing Gun To Paid In Full Audition

Cam’ron is probably one of the most known and respected artists to come out of Harlem. He’s funny, charismatic and always has a no nonsense attitude. While in Vancouver for the start of his Smokers Club tour, he spoke to Nardwuar and let everyone in on some secrets.

(Video) LMAO: 2 Men Recall A Shooting In Their Neighborhood

Okay so a shooting in a neighborhood is clearly not funny but the way these two witnesses recalled the incident was beyond hilarious. One of the boys says he was super scared while the other says he ‘dropped his hot pocket.’

Kendrick Lamar Purchases George Zimmerman’s Gun And Destroys It On Stage!

We can always rely on Kendrick Lamar to make a bold statement, whether it’s in his music or performances. After the recent announcement that George Zimmerman was auctioning the weapon he killed Trayvon Martin with, Kendrick took a stand.

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