(Video + Photo) 13-Year-Old Boy Shot In Baltimore For Having A Fake Pistol On Him

Baltimore is sounding off as a 13-year-old boy has been shot after having a fake gun on him. The police thought it was a semi-automatic gun. The gun looked real but it was just a replica. As the cops approached the boy, he ran and did not drop his gun. As he ran, the cop shot him. The boy is expected to live.

NFL: Cops Find Loaded Handgun in Will Smith’s Car, Supporting Cardell Hayes’ Story

More details are coming out about the Will Smith case and the evidence so far seem to support Cardell Hayes’ story.  It was initially reported that Hayes shot Smith and his wife Raquel after rear-ending their Mercedes and getting into a verbal altercation.  Hayes’ lawyer John Fuller says his client was not the aggressor; he implied that Smith was intoxicated and had a gun in his car.  Well now the gun has been found.

(Video) EW: Female Struggle Rapper Makes Nastiest Video Ever

Naaaaaaaa. This just doesnt add up to me. A female ‘struggle rapper’ makes a video of her rapping and given her man sloppy toppy. But hold on theres more. She even starts sucking on her mans gun. What type of satisfaction do you get from sucking on a gun? The world may never know.

(Video 18+) Crazy Gun Fight Caught On Camera In The Streets Of The Philippines

Earlier this week, a wild west style gun fight broke out in the street of the Philippines. Captured on the surveillance camera, it appears that rival gangs had it out in broad day light in the middle of a traffic jam – leaving one person dead on the pavement. Check out the wild footage below.

(Video) Soulja Boy Flaunts His Guns And Drugs On The Internet While On Probation

Soulja Boy and friends took to Instagram to flash their money, drugs , and guns. For someone who is still on probation from a 2014 weapons charge, I’m not too sure if this is the smartest move in the world. The video pertains the rapper talking about a wake and bake session at his place. It also looks like a video shoot of some sort is taking place.

(18+ Video) Police Shoot & Kill Convicted Felon Who Allegedly Reached For His Gun

Allegedly he reached for his gun when he was on the ground, but the dashcam footage doesn’t make that visible which could only lead to speculation. Multiple shots were fired on this convicted felon. Watch at your own discretion.

(Video) This Top Secret Poison Dart Gun Causes Heart Attacks & Leaves No Trace…

This is spooky…the gun, a modified Colt 1911, is believed to have been mentioned during the infamous Church Committee probe into the CIA in 1975. Whistleblower (snitch in hip-hop) Mary Embree gives the scoop on this top secret weapon. Hit the jump.

NBA: Incident Report Released; A Drunk Jahlil Okafor Was Knocked Down Before Gun Pulled On Him

A seemingly drunk Jahlil Okafor was knocked to the ground before he had a gun pulled on him during an altercation in Philly back in October, this according to an incident report.

Ex-Nasa Officer Arrested After Showing Up To Job Interview With A Loaded Gun

Corey Curley was let go from his job interview at The Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan for showing up with a loaded gun. Why would you even need a gun period at a job interview? This man is actually known for having questionable behavior.

(Video) Shotgun Suge’s Boy Spits Bars While Ordering McDonalds Meal

If you have not been paying attention, Shotgun Suge’s boy, Fatboy has been killing the comedy game all over social media. From his infatuation with Big Mac’s to invading grocery stores he never fails to give off a good laugh. Fatboy, who is an aspiring rapper in the New Jersey area, took his love for McDonalds and added a little flavor to it.

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