(Video) Hacked Documents Allege Possible DNC Attack On Donald Trump

A hacker has recently released a slew of documents stolen from the Democratic National Committee. One of which included a plan to form an attack on Donald Trump. The DNC did say that their system was breached and that the workers were working for the Russian Government.

(Video) Naturi Naughton Helped Catch The Hacker Who Tried To Steal ‘Power’ Scripts

Last month we reported that a known hacker, Alonzo Knowles attempted to steal scripts from Power star, Naturi Naughton. The hacker attempted to sell the stolen scripts to a radio host, who alerted the show’s executive producer and then ultimately the authorities. The hacker was eventually caught and now Naturi Naighton is opening up about the experience calling it one of the most “stressful” times of her life. Hit the jump for more.

(18+ Photos) Keke Palmer’s Nudes Leak As The iCloud Hacker Refuses To Stop!

It’s at a point that we almost can’t count exactly how many celeb’s this guy had(has) access too, but he must be really nice at what he does, cause he’s really getting these photos out and that’s with the FBI looking for him.

(18+ Photos) And Another! Actress Winona Ryder Leaked Nudes Hit The Web!

Well maybe…The word is Winona Ryder is the latest victim of the iCloud hacker. Reports are saying the same method of leaking to the photo sharing blog 4chan has occurred, and most interesting is a few days ago the original group of celebrities got together and gave notice to google for a $100M price tag on the paperwork(they’re suing google).

(18+ Photos) Actress Yvonne Strahovski From “24” Responds To Leaked Nudes; Says They’re Fake, Are They?!

I’m a little skeptical, I’ve been checking out Ms. Strahovski since “Chuck”, she’s sexy as hell, but these ‘alleged’ Leaked Nudes(from the infamous iCloud Hacker) don’t show her face, like when the pics of Kaley Cuoco, Meagan Good, Rihanna, Kim K., Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Rose…Well Amber kinda leaked her own, and these alleged Nicki’s could go either way, but these Yvonne’s, I’m just not sure!!

Apple’s iCloud And Activation Lock, Rumored to be HACKED!

AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog two hackers from the Netherlands and Morocco claim to have compromised the security of Apple’s iCloud system for locking iOS devices.

(Photos) ‘BlackShades’ Hacker Ring Broken Up With 90 Arrests In 19 Countries

Blackshades is a Remote Access Tool, aka RAT, and that totally fits as these guys were hijacking your personal computer, using your webcam to see you, zip up your files so you couldn’t access them, then have the audacity to send you a ransom note to get them back!!

(Check The Pics)Teen Hacker Caught In Miss Teen USA “Sextortion”

A 19 year old suspect was apprehended after allegedly hacking into the computer hard drives of several beauty queens, and got a hold of sacred nudes! Hit the jump for more detail!

You Won’t Believe What A Hospital Employee Was Able To Do!!

If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you know how vulnerable you are. Not only is your health at risk – a lot of personal information, including financial and medical records, are in the hospital’s hands. Hospital employees have near total control over you during your stay, and we trust them to be responsible. The hippocratic oath that all doctors must take does say “Do no harm.” You have to see what one employee did in total violation of this.

Will This Hacker’s Appeal Change Internet Laws???

Last year, Andrew Auernheimer who was convicted of stealing thousands of iPad users email addresses is now trying to get an appeal. This week his lawyers, Tor Ekeland and Mark Jaffe, filed a 74 page document to the US Court of Appeals.

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