T.I. is Officially a Free Man!!

Early this morning, T.I. walked out of his halfway house in ATL, officially a free man. He served an 11 month bid on a probation violation, and had a little mixup about a month ago when he was originally released to a halfway house from prison, but then sent back after authorities were displeased with the goings-on on his tourbus on the way there. Tip will celebrate this weekend in ATL during the BET Awards festivities, with a huge brunch in his honor. Welcome home, T.I.!!! STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!! Marisa Mendez

T.I.’s Wife Tiny Says the Reason He’s Back in Jail is Solely Because the Cops Have a “Personal Vendetta” Against Him

T.I.’s ride or die has spoken out once again on the case surrounding her hubby, and she tells TMZ she feels prison officials are trying to make an example out of her husband by dragging him back to prison, targeting him simply because he’s a famous rapper. I definitely agree with this! Read more below. Marisa Mendez

Official Reason Cited for Why T.I. Was Sent Back to Prison

I really can’t believe the way they did T.I. And their official “reason” as to why he was sent back to prison after an early release to the halfway house seems like a bunch of BS to me! Details below on what really went down. Marisa Mendez

T.I. Sent Back to Prison!!

Last night it was reported Tip had violated the terms of the halfway house he was sent to following his release from prison and had been sent to another halfway house…but now it looks as if he’s actually back behind bars! It’s so unfortunate because he really didn’t do anything wrong! Just a little confusion and miscommunication and they’re trying to set him ack already. SMH such a shame. Details of what went down after the jump. Marisa Mendez

Breaking News: T.I. Removed From the Halfway House

We reported how Tip rode to his halfway house in style after being released from his 10 month prison bid yesterday morning…and now he is being penalized for it! Apparently the prison officials at the halfway house he is at now did not appreciate that he used a tour bus to move between the facilities and it was a total deal-breaker. He is now being transferred to a different halfway house to serve the remainder of his 30 day sentence. Oh boy! Drama, drama, drama! Details after the jump. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) First Photo of T.I. Since His Prison Release

Tip was released from a 10 month bid earlier today, but he still has to ride out in the halfway house for another month before he’s completely free. According to TMZ, T.I. rolled over to the ATL halfway house in style. Apparently he “made the trek from an Arkansas prison in a suped-up tour bus, accompanied by a 4-car motorcade.” Swag. Check out what he was rocking after the jump. Marisa Mendez

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