(Fellas Check The Pics) Trick-Or-Treat: Kaylin Garcia Shows Off Her Booty In SEXY Cat Suit!


Just in time for Halloween, Kaylin Garcia gives us a sneak peek of her sexy costume. Check it out for yourself in the gallery!

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(Photos) Aww! Chris Brown & Karrueche All Smiles At Universal Studios


Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ seems to be the go-to for date night with celebrity couples! After Ariana Grande and Big Sean were spotted smooching it up there recently, as well as Tyga and his underage boo thang Kylie Jenner, Breezy and his love Karrueche were spotted there as well. The pair were all smiles as they hopped on rides and posed for photos with excited fans and staff at the park. I love the photo where Chris looks like he’s really doting on Kae. Ah man, I hope this time they really stick together! More pics in the gallery.

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(Video) Inside The Making Of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas turned 20 this year (can you believe it?!), and as the holidays are here, it’s the perfect time to learn about some of our favorite movie’s secrets. Go inside the making of the classic Halloween/Christmas film below!

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(Caught On Tape) *GRAPHIC* Man On Fire Is Cheered On As He Burns To Death!!!


Classic case of the Bystander effect. It happened on Halloween in West Hollywood. While attempting to light a cigarette, Gilbert Estrada also managed to set a part of his costume on fire. While he was able to take it off, the flames had already began to take over the rest of his clothing. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Photos) SMH! Woman Dresses Up As Injured Victim From Boston Marathon Bombing & Gets Death Threats

Woman poses as victim of Boston Marathon bombing to collect funds.

First of all, let me start by saying that some people are sick in the head and lack all types of common sense. A 22-year-old Michigan woman dressed up as an injured participant from the Boston Marathon that got bombed earlier this year. After Alicia-Ann Lynch posted the flick via her social media sites, it didn’t take long before everybody gained wind of the extremely offensive photo.

People then went through Lynch’s Facebook and ended up finding a picture of her license which had ALL her info on it (including her address.) The Twitter world was going crazy, threatening the girl’s life. A few people even tweeted their plans of sending a box full of sh*t to the girl’s home. (Although it is deserved.) Check out the SUPER out-of-line Halloween costume in the gallery.

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(PHOTO) NFL: SMH, Check Out What Richie Incognito Said About Jonathan Martin in a Game Program


Signs were there. Last week in honor of Halloween the Dolphins asked players which of their teammates were “easiest to scare” on a page in their gameday program. Can you guess who Richie Incognito named?! This guy is finished. The lesson?! Karma always gets you.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Hmmm: Karrueche & Rihanna Wear Matching Halloween Costumes… Who Rocked It Better?!


And the Breezy love-triangle continues to cause some type of controversy. For this year’s Halloween festivities, Chris Brown’s current girlfriend Karrueche Tran posted a flick up on her Instagram page dressed up as a Chola. Just a few days later, BadGalRiRi showed off her costume, which was coincidentally the same exact thing.

We’re not sure if Rihanna is trying to throw shots at Karrueche or whatever, but it is DEFINITELY weird that they “happened” to dress up in the same exact costume. Hit the gallery and let us know who you think rocked the “Chola” look better!

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(Video) OH HELL NO: Super Creepy Hangman Prank Scares Everyone To Death!


First of all let me say, if ANYBODY ever did this to me– I would probably pee in my pants and scream like a little girl. A group of trained professionals played a HORRIFIC prank on different groups of people, making it seem like they commited suicide by hanging themselves. Just when the terrified people would begin to call for help, the “hangmen” would come to life and start screaming all crazy. Check out the creepy (but highly entertaining) video below!

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(Photo) SAY WHAT?! You’ll Never Guess What A Brooklyn Resident Put On Their Door For Trick-Or-Treaters!


A group of trick-or-treaters were going around their Brooklyn neighborhood collecting candy for Halloween when they came across a sign posted outside of an apartment door. Let’s just say the term “GHETTO FAB” doesn’t do this particular situation any justice. Check out what the ridiculous sign said in the gallery!

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(Photos) Paris Hilton Spends $5,000 On Trashy Lingerie Halloween Costumes

IFWT_YMCMB Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton transformed into a sexy mermaid, fairy, and gladiator with skimpy get-ups for a Halloween Pheed photo-shoot Thursday. She’s said to have dropped $5,000 on Halloween costumes this year at her favorite store, Trashy Lingerie. See the sexy costumes below!

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