Tyler Perry To Release Madea Film Before 2016 Ends

Atlanta is home to the beginning stages of the upcoming Tyler Perry film, Boo! A Madea Halloween. The film, which is scheduled for an October 21st release date, highlights Madea life as she spends Halloween babysitting a bunch of teenagers while fighting off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies (not the type of thing I would usually see MADEA taking part in). Drop down bottom for the details.

SMH: Country Singer Admits To Blackening His Face To Be Lil Wayne For Halloween

It looks like Country singer Jason Aldean has been catching some heat after he admitted to blackening his face to be Lil Wayne for Halloween. Reps for the singer said that Aldean was parading around on Halloween with a group of friends with dark make-up all over his face. He has yet to speak out and offer an apology.

(Photo) Two Teens Arrested And Facing Expulsion After Dressing Up As Columbine Killers At Halloween Party

We all remember the horrible shooting at Columbine where Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 people and injured 23. They then committed suicide. The killing took place at Columbine High School. Now, two teenagers were arrested and may be expelled from school after they thought it would be funny to dress up as the Columbine shooters.

(Photo) Woman Wears Fiance’s Wisdom Tooth As An Engagement Ring

Every woman dreams of one day being married to the guy/girl of her dreams. Some females say the bigger the rock the more he loves you but I’m sure that is the opposite for the guys. Every man wants to hear those magical words from a woman “size doesn’t matter”. When it comes to the size of the ring that is! Check out how this woman proudly shows off her engagement ring that is actually her fiance’s tooth.

Yale Frat Gets Called Out After Denying Black Girls Access To “White Girls Only” Halloween Party

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is at the center of some unflattering tension, yet again; this time the Yale chapter. According to Neema Gathere, a Black female student said in a Facebook post, she and a few others were denied access into the fraternity’s Halloween party because they were not White. Find out more after the jump.

(Video) Classic! Jimmy Kimmel Tricks The Kids For His Halloween Prank

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel has a special Halloween prank that he has parents from all over do to trick their kids into thinking they ate their children’s Halloween candy. This year, the talk show host strikes again and it is absolutely hilarious! Watch as these little kids go into panic mode when their parents tell them that they ate all of their candy below.

(Video) Sorority Student Dresses Like Rapper Lil Wayne — Racial Controversy Erupts

According to a report from Fox16, some students at Arkansas Tech, a university in Russellville, AR, are upset with a fellow student for dressing up in what they deem an offensive costume for a Halloween costume party. Hit the jump to see the costume.

Jay Z And Beyonce Dress In Coming to America Costumes For Halloween

All hail the king and queen! Jay Z and Beyonce rocked matching costumes as Prince Akeem and Queen Aoleon from Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic comedy Coming to America for a Halloween bash in NYC. Hit the jump to see more.

(Fellas Check The Pics) These Ladies NAILED Drake’s Hotline Bling Inspired Costume!

One of Drake’s latest hits Hotline Bling not only inspired meme’s everywhere, but it also inspired some pretty interesting Halloween costumes.

(Video + Photos) Game….Blouses NBA: “Prince” And Crew Lay Claim To Halloween

People all over the world are invested in Halloween. It brings out the inner child in everyone, showcasing all kinds of creativity. The NBA has put their two cents toward the #HalloweenChallenge2015.The Cleveland Cavaliers had their annual Halloween party last night, and The King used Purple Rain legend, Prince to secure the win.

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