Halo 4 Update Is Now Availble!!

Microsoft released the Halo 4 “Forge Island” map today. The original update release of Halo 4 was April 11 but 343 Industries has decided to go ahead and release the update ahead of schedule. The Forge Island features, flat surfaces that are to be used as a base for Forge Mode customization. Gamers can access the map by searching for “Forge Island” on the Xbox dashboard.

Halo 4: Castle Map Pack Trailer

Take a look at the newest maps dropping with Halo 4 on April 8th: Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition.

Halo 4 “Spartan Ops: Episode 9” Cinematic Trailer (Video)

The drama builds in this weeks trailer, Oni has put a hit out on Dr. Halsey and Sarah Palmer is ready to pull the trigger.

Halo 4 Reviewed By Conan O’Brien

Halo 4 has been on store shelves for a few months, that does’nt stop funny man and late night TV host Conan O’brien to do his own review on Halo 4. The game did lend his voice for the game so i guess its only right the guy give his opinion on the game. Does he give the game a good grade or does he think the game stinks. After the break find out.

Tech Talk Video: Gamer Reviews Halo 4

So Halo 4 dropped offically on monday at 12 midnight.  The game has been met with mixed reviews. Now I came across this video and this gamer gave his take on Halo 4 and I must say its flat out funny.  Check out the video after the break Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Halo 4 “Exile” Multiplayer Map Walkthrough

With Halo 4 less than 2 weeks away from its  release. 343 Industries has released a new walk though video of the games Exile map.  Are you going to pick up Halo 4?? Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Halo 4 “Scanned” Trailer

If you have’nt downloaded Halo 4 and waiting for the actucal release for the game, check out the Scanned trailer for Halo 4.  In this trailer Master Chief’s brain is scanned by a new enemy. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Halo 4 Trailer

Even though the game already has leaked, Microsoft has put together a trailer featuring nonstop Halo 4 action.  If you have’nt downloaded the game yet check out the trailer after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Microsoft Addresses Halo 4 Leak

The folks over at Microsoft are not pleased about the leaks that have been circulating with Halo 4.   Over the weekend a Microsoft spokeman gave a statement about the situation.  And from  his statements it may seem Microsoft maybe looking into legal action. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Halo 4 Hero Awakens Trailer

Another trailer has leaked from Halo 4 which gives gamers a spoiler alert.  The game continues from the previous Halo. There were rumors that Master Chief would not be in the new Halo but according to the storyline the story begins with Master Chief Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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