(Video) Dam!! Man Gets Beat With Hammer In NYC Streets Because Of Road Rage

Accidentally caught on camera, this guy hops out his car to beat another guy with a hammer while he’s kicking for mercy before the cops get to the road rager to cuff him up…hit the jump!!

(Video) Homeless Veteran Beaten To Death With Hammer Dies After Being Wrongly Accused

The homeless veteran from Philadelphia who was beaten and battered into a coma last April for a wrong accusation made by a child, has passed away on Wednesday. The brutal video of the attack and full story after the jump.

(Photos) NYPD Shoots Suspect Who Attacked Four Individuals In Union Square

Just blocks away from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station in Manhattan, the NYPD has shot a suspect who is believed to be the person that attacked four individuals in Union Square earlier this week. Hit the jump for more details.

(Photos) One Man Has 3 Nails Hammered Into His Head!!!

One man, unnamed, from Fuhian Province, China had three 4-inch nails hammered into his head. Despite the man claiming that he did it himself, the doctors that removed them suspect that it was foul play. What’s crazy is that, once the nails were removed, the man had no permanent physical damage. Hit the jump to see his X-ray.

(Video) Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” [Official] *Butt-Naked*

No Miley, NO NO! Miley Cyrus takes this a step further in her new video, “Wrecking Ball.” The former teenage innocent falls not that short of soft porn in the latest visual, as she not only gets naked, but she makes-out with a hammer. WILD! Drop down bottom to check it out.

(Graphic Photos – 18+) DAMN! Grammy Nominated Artist Loses Eye After Being Attacked With A Hammer!

DAMN! Brooklyn is a rough place to be…Grammy-nominated musician, Dru Barnes was walking home – in the wrong direction – when he went to turn around and was attacked with the wrong end of a hammer. “To be honest, having been hit in the head with a hammer, it’s a miracle Dru is alive,” Barnes’ friend Gerritt Vooren said. “His eye was laying on his cheek. It was f**king horrific,” he adds. Police have released a sketch of the culprit that attacked Barnes on July 11th around Jefferson Avenue. So sad! Hit the jump and have a look. Very Graphic, so 18+ PLEASE!

(Video) Damn!! SMH! Brazilian Woman REALLY Gets Back At Cheating Husband By Doing This!!

Damn, right when I thought I was the craziest female in the world – this video surfaced. Last week, in Sao Paulo, a Brazilian woman is seen bashing her cheating husband’s hood and windshield with a hammer. Look closely, his car is the Honda civic.. funniest part is the onlookers and people passing by are cheering her on! Men, this is why you don’t piss of your queens. Ladies, don’t get this crazy, SMH! Biz Baby

Mom Beat Her Son To Death With A Hammer

A mother beat her son to death with a hammer, and her reasoning is very strange… Click below to read the full story and to find out her reason. Melissa Nash

Woman Beat Her Husband With A Hammer Because He Wouldn’t Shut Off Judge Judy

Another case of the green eyed monster making you do crazy things. This lady beat her husband in the head because he was watching Judge Judy and wouldn’t turn it off. Click below to read the story. @WiLMajor

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