This is disgusting! I know the TSA has a job to do and I’m actually very grateful for their service but being inhumane is not necessary and that’s exactly what they were in this incident. 12-year-old Shelbi Walser suffers from brittle bone disorder and was traveling with her mother from Texas to Florida to seek treatment. While in the airport, Shelbi was detained by the TSA for over an hour and they refused to allow her mother to comfort the girl. When TSA checked the girl, they found a form a residue  on the child’s hands  that they believed was explosive material. It turns out, that the safe material was spread to her hands from pushing her wheelchair and TSA could have deducted that if they simple tested the wheel chair. I think the worst part about this isn’t that they accused the young girl because you never know in today’s world, it’s that they wouldn’t let her mother comfort her. I highly doubt a 12-year-old could be making bomb materials on their own so they should have questioned the mother just as much. See the video of TSA leaving the sobbing girl alone below. Julie A.