“Hangover” Director Being Stalked By One-Night-Stand He Had 2 Years Ago!

This is just a little too similar to “Fatal Attraction”. “Hangover” director Todd Phillips is being stalked by a girl that he had a one night stand with in 2011. Phillips met 22-year-old Julianna Shiao on the set of a movie and after the night spent together, she allegedly got crazy obsessive. Click below for more details. Melissa

Tech Talk Web: This Site Will Make You Think Twice About Your Status Updates On Facebook!

“Last night was mad real” plenty of Facebook and Twitter updates revolve around a night that lead to “sunglasses and Advil” but maybe you will want think twice about sharing your activities outside of work on Facebook because of the site We Know What You Are Doing. Check out the dry snitching site after the jump. ShottaDru X TatWza

5 Remedies For Cinco De Mayo Hangover !!!

  Post-Cinco De Mayo, some may be suffering from the margaritas and coronas they drank last night.  Here are some remedies that may help you recover! Steph Bassanini Hit the jump!

FOOD: 9 Foods to Cure a Hangover

Everyone has their own goofy hangover “cure.” I actually always eat a slice of bread when I’m hungover, thinking it will soak up the liquor, LOL. But there are actual scientific reasons why these foods will help ease the hell of your hangover. Check them out below! Caasi Cofer

3 Common Hangover Myths That You Should Avoid

We’ve all had that next day hangover and we all know how much it sucks. There are three very common hangover “cures” that don’t actually cure anything and can actually make you feel worse. Read them below. Julie1205

(Video) Tech Talk NEW: Will Facial Recognition Be The Future Of Mobile Security???

I only ask because with the Google Nexus and it’s Ice Cream interface Now touting Facial recognition as a Lock inn your phone, it only seems like a logical step to make that the standard, especially with Device thefts rising so fast in recent months(although it seems Droids are not the targets), All devices, no matter the Brand should go with it!! Hit the Jump to see where it is starting. +TatWZA

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