Jay Z Says He Can Make One Direction’s Harry Styles The Biggest Artist In The World

Right now it remains unclear if One Direction‘s hearthrob Harry Styles is looking to transition to a solo career, however if he was there’s no one better in the world to help than hip-hop mogul Jay Z. In a recent interview, Jay Z stated he could make Harry Styles “the biggest artist in the world within a year.” Read more below.

(Video) Confessions: Amber Rose Says WHICH Young Celebrity Gets Her Wet?!

Amber Rose is never shy when it comes to expressing her sexuality. In fact, she has no chill what-so-ever and we absolutely love it! Muva Rosebud appeared on Fashion Police as a guest after the American Music Awards just a few days ago. She and Giuliana Rancic were asked to draw what comes to mind when seeing Harry Styles from One Direction.

(Photos) Harry Styles Gets Braids, Calls It Male Grooming

Fellas would you agree that the only reason why you guys get braids is for grooming purposes? Well Harry styles who normal sports a samurai bun or a ponytail recently got braids and said..

(Video) Mark Wahlberg Wants To Punch One Direction Member In The Nose!

Mark Wahlberg hit the Conan O Brian set and has officially stated that he is jealous of One Direction! Wahlberg has declared war on One Direction’s Harry Styles, and is ready to fight for the heart of his daughters; Hit the jump for more!

(Photos) Move Over, KimYe! Kendall Jenner Has A Special Dinner Date With WHO?!

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner depart Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood after enjoying dinner together on Wednesday night. Harry from One Direction, 19, took the wheel with Kendall by his side as they left the restaurant through a back exit. See the two on their date below!

2013 MTV VMAs: “Best Song Of The Summer” Goes To One Direction For “Best Song Ever”

Boy band sensation One Direction scooped up the “Best Song of The Summer” award at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards for their chart-topping single “Best Song Ever.” (I wonder if that was awkward for Taylor Swift…yikes.) Hit the jump to check out the song if you haven’t heard it yet!

EW! One Direction Impostor Makes Deals With Young Girls For WHAT?!?!

In this story, I’m not sure who is more sick: the impostor or the young girls. One Direction has been the newest boy-band sensation that all of these females seem to be obsessed with (modern day Backstreet Boys/ *NSYNC for us old folk.) Check out what got this man, who was posing to be Harry Styles from One Direction, in jail on a $500,000 bond after the jump!

Here We Go Again! Taylor Swift Has Another New Boyfriend!

It seems like Taylor Swift is infamous for her dating life, she’s dating about 13 guys within the past 3 years (from John Mayer to Taylor Lautner) and all of the music she writes is about them. She recently dated Harry from One Direction but now she’s onto a new pro-sufer. Click below for more details.

Wow, Taylor Swift Has A New Guy Already?!

Another day, another new beau for Taylor Swift. After her recent breakup with One Direction singer Harry Styles…who she got with after breaking up with Conor Kennedy…reports are surfacing that she’s already moved on, allegedly spending the night with British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran last week! Details on their night below.

(Video) Damn, That Had To Hurt! Someone Throws A SHOE Right At Taylor Swift’s Ex’s GROIN!

There must have been a Taylor Swift fan in the audience of the One Direction concert in Glasgow on Tuesday night! During their performance, someone threw a SHOE on to the stage (“Who throws a shoe?!” *Austin Powers voice*) and it made a perfect landing right where it hurts on the ex of Tay, Harry Styles. It was so bad, he fell right to the ground in pain! OUCH! Eventually, he picks himself back up…but not before wreathing on the floor a bit. Watch the painful video below! I’m sure Taylor had a bit of a snicker.

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