Hatwear: Trap America Snapback by Marco Frabotti – Available Now

Marco Frabotti knows about “Trap America” and he wanted to introduce the world to trap america. The snapback is featured in black and reads “Trap America”, very eye-catching hat wear. The snapback is only available at the designers official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Trap America snapback and to purchase you may from the brands official website here.

Hatwear: Fasko Paris Snapback – Available Now

The Fasko snapback by Fayete Boris has been hot for awhile now as celebs such as Stalley, Teyana Taylor, Melissa Ford & many others have been seen rocking this sick snapback. The paris snapback is still available so if you didn’t know about the snapback, you know now. The snap is featured in either all black or blue/white. The Paris hat is inspired by the LA raiders snapback with tonal eyelets, button top, and a plastic snap strap; a black under brim with a Paris logo embroidered on the front and with a Fasko logo detail on the back Product and a 100% cotton snap. The price of the snap is set at a price of $35, and if you would like to you purchase you may from the brands official website at www.shop.fasko-gear.com. to check out more detailed pics of the snap hit the jump.

Hatwear: Amerikano Strapback by Boketto – Available Now

Boketto an upcoming brand has just dropped a newly released AmeriKano strapback by owner Ibrahim Sanda. The hat is still available and is featured in all black, the strapback features the brand name “Boketto” embroidered on the front which means “to daydream” in Japanese with a flag patch on the left side of the hat; and a adjustable leather strap on the back with a silver buckle. The price of the hat is set at a price of $40. You may purchase from the brand’s official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Amerikano strapback.

Hatwear: LocalTrapStars – Pre-Order Your Hat Now

Local Trap Star Bucket Hat is up for pre-order now and if you would like to purchase the eye-catching bucket you may from the brand’s official website. The bucket is set at a price of $30 and will be needed in your hat collection. Do not miss out on these precise hats. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Local Trap Star Bucket Hat.

Hatwear: “Currency Hat” by ALOT (A Life Over Time)

The Currency Hat by Alot (A Life Over Time) has been one of the most talked about hats on the market. The hat features a full block logo in front with a hash tag on the side to poke fun at all the Been Trill bandwagoners. The yen sign is one of their main off set logos and it symbolizes the richness of life that the brand deprives themselves of. The hashtag in front of it also represents that the yen will be trending in the near future, to the point where it will be on the same level as the US dollar. The hat is definitely an eye-catcher and very precise, it will give you exactly what you were looking for. The price of the hat is set at a price of $30. The brand will be re-stocking very soon. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the “Currency Hat” by ALOT.

Hatwear: The LOLA Original Snapback

The Lola Original hatwear caught my eye and I felt it was only right to aware the people about such a limited item. The Lola original snapback features a classic LOLA New York (two birds) logo on the front and “Cradle 2 Grave” on the back. The snapback comes in either black or white and is available all you need to do is contact the owner by email at [email protected] The snapbacks will be back in full re-stock in early 2014 and will be available online. Hit the jump to check out more detailed pics of the Lola Original Snapback.

Hatwear: PRYR Blessed Snapback – Avaliable Now for Pre-Order

“Blessed” aren’t we all blessed. PRYR has delivered some swank hats for the crowd and I’m sure you will all love these cocaine made textured blessed snapbacks. The Pre-Order is available now for the hats, so make sure that you save up #35 to cop yours now. You can head on over to PRYR to purchase your blessed snapback now. Hit the jump to check our more detailed pics of the Blessed Snapback.

Hatwear: Medusa Leather SnapBack by Lavish NYC

Medusa head on me like i’m illuminati, Drake said that. Lavish NYC will be releasing their “Medusa inspired SnapBack that is being produced by Starter Athletics. The snapback will be dropping pretty soon coming in a exotic leather quality with a Medusa symbol on the front of the hat with a red under brim. The hat is most definitely a banger and will have you fit for the winter as seen with by MMG’s own platnium producer Gold hands. Lavish NYC apparel has been seen in the Source magazine, MTV & VHI. They also have a lavish NYC leather strapback that is on sale at the moment from the brand’s official website at a set price of $40.

Hatwear: Luxe Lambskin Strapback by KNOWLUXE

One of the best hats out at the moment is the Luxe Lambskin Strapback here by Knowluxe. The hat has been seen rocked by a few different people, with four letters going across reading Luxe it leaves you thinking is their a meaning behind the hat. The hat is combining both street aesthetics and luxury materials, the LUXE strapback is for those who have taste, knowledge and experience in all aspects of life. 豐盛, stands for the essence of a luxe lifestyle. Not only visually, but through body and mind. The hat is composed from some of the finest lambskin leather available on the market. In addition, it is treated to be water and stain resistant. Overtime, the leather will age beautifully and mold to the shape of the wearer’s head. Their was a very limited amount of these produced, does not know yet if they will restock after this drop. The hat is set at a price of hat is $280. It is worth every penny, so please cop your Luxe Lambskin Strapback hat by Knowluxe today from their official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the strapback.

Hatwear: The Flyyer Gallery “OE Hat” is Now Available

The Flyyer Gallery “OE” Hat is now available and you can purchase from their official website. Young creator Evan Flyyer a 21 year old born and raised in Alaska but resides in Arizona who is behind the creation, he runs his own boutique that you can find on instagram at Flyyergallery has had some great success. The hat features in all black with the word “flyyer” in all white. To purchase the hat you must visit Flyyer Galley’s official website. Hat price is set at $30, Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “The Flyyer Gallery OE Hat”. Instagram:Flyyer Gallery Twitter:@Evan_Flyyer Website:Flyyer Gallery

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