(Photos) Airline Hazes Flight Attendants: Locks Them In Overhead Compartment

Kunming Airline has a training ritual unique to its airline. After a flight attendant’s first 30 to 50 hours of work, senior stewardesses lock the newbie into the overhead compartment. Photos of this “ritual” appeared online through the WeChat app, and people call this ritual dangerous. Hit the jump to find out why.

(VIDEO) A College Sex Tape Shuts Down Fraternity At Indiana University

Frat parties are generally known to get a little out of hand, especially when hazing season comes around. The members of Alpha Tau Omega have been completely shut down due to a sex-tape that was released following an alleged hazing event. Watch the video, below!

Whaaat? 14 College Students Charged In Court After One Pledge Is Left Without A Testicle?!

Damnnn. Talk about hazing going way overboard. After one pledge lost his testicle last fall in a hazing incident and and the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity was suspended from Wilmington College, 14 former frat brothers were charged on Thursday for the hazing incident. Find out just what cost this guy his nut and the rest of the pledges suffering after the jump. We’ll give you a hint, it includes towels, cheese, Icy Hot, and a sheep.

(Video) NBA: Oh Really? Story Comes Out About How Kobe Was Hazed As a Rookie!

When you see Kobe Bryant now it is pretty hard to imagine guys hazing him since he will go down as one of the greatest players ever. But at one time he was a rookie, and just like all rookies he had to pay his dues. The Lakers do it differently though. When you are a storied franchise like that, even the retired greats get in on the action, such as Kareem and Wilt Chamberlain. Former Lakers Cedric Ceballos tells the story. Hit the jump.

‘Nations Oldest Local Fraternity’ Banned After Pledge Loses What?!

After a hazing incident left one student without a testicle, Willmington College in Ohio has officially banned the ‘Nation’s Oldest Local Fraternity’ Gamma Phi Gamma, hit the jump for more!

Sports: Umm, WTF! Which International Sports Star Was Forced To Masturbate In Front Of His Team??

This story is even awkward to write about. I have heard of hazing among teammates getting out of control, but this right here is some next level Sh*t! International sports icon, David Beckham made comments about his hazing experience while filming a documentary called “The Class of 92”, which is supposed to be an epic sports movie about a group of young kids in England during the early 90’s, who all grew up to become superstars. I wonder what other types of hazing goes on over there. Hit the jump for the details.

(Video) Sports: Old Video Of Anthony Davis Being Spanked in UK Locker Room Causes Uproar

The Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin situation has brought up a lot of talk about bullying and hazing in sports.  The question is where do you draw the line?  What’s acceptable hazing where you just have to man up and what’s considered going too far?  In light of the recent events, an old video surfaced of Anthony Davis being spanked on a locker room floor during his sole year at the University of Kentucky.  While some say it’s regular rookie hazing,  some say it’s homosexual activity.

(Video) NFL: It Even Happened To Superman?! Dean Cain Talks Getting Hazed

I can’t even front like I knew this — but did you know that Superman played for the Bills?! Yep, Dean Cain played in the NFL before becoming better known as Superman. Check out what he had to say about hazing when he played…

NBA:(Photo) Michael Jordan Wasn’t Always In Control, Was Hazed In College

It is very hard to imagine Michael Jordan not being in control. After years and years of seeing him dominate anyone and everyone, not too mention his competitive nature even off the court, I just can’t see a situation where Jordan looked weak or vulnerable. But before he made the number 23 famous, he was just a freshman basketball player at North Carolina who wanted to join the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Nobody was immune from the hazing, not even his airness. Check more after the jump.

DAMN! Hazing Horror!! Washington State High Schoolers Beaten For WHAT?!

A group of high school juniors were brutally beaten and humiliated in what authorities said they believed was a hazing ritual for an exclusive sports fan club. Authorities in Snohomish County, Wash., are investigating the incident, which occurred Monday night in a park near Inglemoor High School, where students with the unofficial football fan group the “Naked Viks” were beaten with golf clubs and PVC pipes…..SMH! Read more after the jump

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