(Photos+Video) Surgeon Promising First Head Transplant Ask Americans For Help

An Italian neurosurgeon commits to perform the world’s first head transplant and asks Americans for help.

(Video) Update: NYPD Cop Shot In Head In Queens,

Update: NYPD Cop Shot In Head In Queens There’s a massive manhunt happening right now in search of a gunman that shot a plainclothes NYPD cop at 212th street and 104th avenue in Queens Village, NY.

(18+ Video) WTH? ‘Head’ Giving Teddy Bear For The Ladies??

A Teddy Bear For The Ladies…Ummm, so porn star Britney Amber(gotta watch those 2 1st names) turned an innocent toy Teddy Bear into a vibrator, definitely perverted 0_0

(Video) Umm…. Kevin Gates Reveals He Kicked A Woman Out For Refusing To Giving His Dog Head?!

Kevin Gates may be an extremely talented emcee and highly intellectual when it comes to interviews, but on social media this dude is a whole different person. The Louisiana-born emcee took to his Instagram page to post a video revealing he kicked a woman out of his home for refusing to give his dog oral sex. And when I say dog, I mean an actual animal; not his “dawg.” First he openly talks about how he has sex with his cousin on his ‘Gram, now he’s talking about telling his lady friend to give his puppy some dome because he’s a “loyal” dog. Hey man, maybe it’s a Southern thing? Ionooooooo bruh, he’s losing me here with the craziness. Check out Kevin’s rant about kicking ol’ girl out for not slobbing down his dog below.

(Photos) Shots Fired: Joe Budden Says Jhonni Blaze Gives WEAK Head!

New Jersey rapper Joe Budden is known for voicing his opinion very openly via his Twitter page about just about ANYTHING that comes to his mind. Recently, thick vixen Jhonni Blaze revealed that her ex-boyfriend is debuting their sex tape online at www.JhonniBlazeXXX.com. During an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, a clip of Jhonni’s sex tape was shown where you can see her performing sexual oral acts on her ex in the XXX video. With no shame, Joe Budden hops on Twitter and sounds off about her head game and how it looks weak. He also offers his help and says he will teach her, but his “days of teaching women how to have sex are over.” Immediately, Jhonni clapped back and says Joe’s “Finger game is just OKAY.” She then later went on to confirm that she and Joe never had sex and that the two just have very playful relationship. Hmmmmm, do we think Joey chopped Jhonni Blaze down #OrNah?! He does have a VERY impressive track record so I would not be surprised at all.

WOW! Man Walks Himself To The Hospital After Getting Shot In The Head!?

Imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with a bullet in their head and walking as if nothing was wrong. What would you do or even think? Read more after the jump…

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