Police Believe Party Promoters May Have Been Behind Chris Brown Heist

As police continue to investigate the robbery at Chris Brown’s home, they now believe they have a small lead. When the robbers broke into Breezy’s home earlier this week, they demanded the whereabouts of his safe from his aunt, and made mention that they knew there was $50,000 cash there. According to police sources, Chris typically does not have that much money lying around, but because he’d JUST received the money to host a party, it was in the home. The only people who would know that are the people who actually gave him the money, along with a few others in Chris’ circle, but they believe a promoter is a likely suspect of masterminding the heist. We’ll keep you updated!

Oh Snap! $90K Picasso Gets Lifted In Heist At Miami Art Basel?

Oh snap! $90K Picasso gets lifted in heist at Miami Art Basel? I’m guessing it wasn’t all about the love of art because….

(Photos) A Theft Heist Resulting In $300,0090 Missing, Follows A Justin Bieber Concert!

This really is on some Ocean’s 11 and 12 type madness. Hours after Justin Bieber gave a stellar performance at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa it was noticed that someone pulled of a mission impossible-like stunt. Whomever the criminals are, chiseled a tunnel into the safe room, used ropes to lower themselves down, and jacked all the cash earnings from the show, an estimated $330,000. JB is saying that he had NOTHING to do with what happened. Officials say that a heist like this must have taken days to plan, and while they get things in order, the place is on lockdown. Drop down bottom and check out the crime scene.

WOW!!! Bank Robbers Used Internet Data To Steal $45 Million!!!

Criminals are becoming more clever these days. A group of robbers used a sophisticated scheme to hack into the systems of global financial institutions, steal prepaid debit card data and eliminate withdrawal limits.

OUCH! Daughter Tells Mother To “Rot In Hell”

Morgan Heist’s mother went missing 11 years ago, leaving her whole family to believe she was dead. Just this week, Brenda Heist came out from hiding, leaving her former husband and two children in awe. Hit the jump to find out the whole story.

Tech Talk News: FBI Arrest JFK Worker For iPad Mini Heist

The FBI took Renel Rene Richardson into custody today after he became the primary suspect in a case involving 3,600 iPad Mini’s that went missing out of JFK airport just a week ago. Apparently Richardson was inquiring about the apple products and where he might be able to get a fork lift with other employees prior to the heist. The New York Post reports that Richardson was with the authorities as they went in search of the truck used in the heist. Hit the jump for more. Wza

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