Peter Shue Talks To Flex About His Rise, Madonna, & Snitches to get Less Lights

I’m from Brooklyn, but even I’ve heard of BX Legend Peter Shue, the infamous drug kingpin that had Madonna on smash, at least that was the word on the street back then.

(Photo + Video) Parents Overdosed On Heroin In Front Of Child

This is super sad. Ohio Police have released graphic photos of two parents who over dosed on Heroin in their car with their 4-year-old child in the back seat.

SMH: Woman Gave Her 11-Year-Old Daughter In Exchange For Heroin

What is wrong with parents today? April Corcoran received a sentence of 51 years to life after she sold her 11-year-old daughter to a drug dealer in exchange for Heroin. What sick person would even want an 11-year-old girl?

Tainted Heroin In New Haven, CT Leads To 16 Overdoses In The Past 24 Hours

A tainted supply of heroin and/or cocaine has caused at least sixteen overdoses, three of them fatal within the past few days. Many victims have told detectives that they thought they were buying cocaine said David Hartman, police spokesman. Authorities are have warned users that it is not known how far the product has been sold across the state.

(Photo) NBA: Steph Curry’s Face Is Being Used In The Philadelphia Area By Heroin Dealers

Just in case Steph Curry didn’t feel like a big enough superstar yet, now he knows he is really someone in this world, as heroin dealers in Philadelphia have been using Steph’s face to brand their product.

(Video) Thug Life: Grandma Gets Knocked For Trafficking Heroin

This week on Tuesday, February 9th, there was a huge drug bust in Orlando, Florida. Among the ten people busted for drug trafficking was a 74-year-old wheelchair bound woman who was allegedly selling drugs right from her home. The grandma, whose real name is Rosa Leon-Perez, belonged to a crew that sold heroin, crack, weed and pills, according to authorities.

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