(Video) LMAO: Boy Goes In On Family After Getting Anesthesia

I am crying after watching this video! This little boy is high off of a kite. After getting Anesthesia he started roasting his whole family.

#MusicStillMatters New Music: PnB Rock – High

PnB Rock is back with new music. Today he drops his new track, “High.” This ones for the ladies. Listen to the track after the jump.

Master P Calls Out Today’s Rappers For Getting High Too Much & Not Working

Master P was on the air this morning and took a little jab at today’s rappers claiming they just get high too much off syrup and that it’s ruining our generation of hip-hop. Arguable. Hit the jump for his comments on the game.

(Photo) Kicks: Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? Sneaker Release Dates For This Weekend!

In This Weeks installment of who you mad at? me or yourself? we give you a look at upcoming sneakers that are releasing this weekend from some of your favorite brands such as Jordan Brand, Adidas, Saucony & Asics. All of these sneakers can be picked up at all of these brands select retailers either online and in store. Will you be picking up any of these releases? If you don’t who are you going to be mad at? me or yourself?. Peep The Gallery To See This Weekends Hottest Releases After The Jump….

Donald Trump Says High CEO Pay Is A ‘Complete Joke’

When asked on the CBS talk show “Face The Nation” about high CEO pay, presidential candidate and real estate billionaire Donald Trump says it’s “disgraceful” and “a complete joke.’

(Photos) Michael Jackson’s Son, Prince, Graduates With Honors!

His father, the King of Pop, would definitely be proud. You may remember Mike’s son that was held over a balcony when he was a baby and made major headlines but his other son, Prince, has grown up and is making impressive headlines of his own. He recently graduated from high school with honors! Click more to check out the full story!

(Video) JESUS, Take The Wheel! Kylie Jenner Admits To Getting “High As F*ck”

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse… this happens. 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is already dating a 25-year-old, she openly admitted to getting lip fillers and now she’s letting the world she gets high. Kylie posted a video clip on her SnapChat account saying she got “high as f*ck” as she stuffed munchie food into her mouth. Now granted, she is still a 17-year-old who is going to talk to older boys and do drugs because that’s pretty normal, but here is the issue. Billions of young kids look up to Kylie Jenner, being that she’s a celebrity. So regardless of her being 17 or not, she has to realize that some things are NOT appropriate for social media. Yes, she is a multimillionaire with her own mansion and she does run her own business BUT, certain lines you cannot cross as a celebrity that is constantly being watched 24/7. Check out Kylie’s “high as f*ck” video below and let us know what you think about her misbehaving ways. FIT IT, JESUS! Or Moses, Buddha, any of those guys.

Poor Amanda Bynes Is High Out Of Her Mind, AGAIN!!!

Damn! I was holding out hope for the child star gon’ wild! Amanda Bynes had went to rehab, invested in an education and stopped getting high, or so we thought. Following a DUI arrest last week, we found out that Bynes was not only given the boot from beauty school, but one of the main reasons being, because she was still smoking that s**t! Right back into her old ways, a high Amanda Bynes was seen in an LAX restaurant packing her face with make-up and talking to herself. Sources close to the aspiring rapper (LMAO) tells TMZ that there was a day where she was clearly in the clouds – all day long. Tweeked out… Hit the jump for more.

(Video) CTFU!! Kris Jenner Tries Some Mary Jane With Her Mother On KUWTK!!

So, Kris Jenner gets experimental in the next episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. In the sneak peek, Kris decides to try medicinal marijuana with her mother MJ. She even tried to get Bruce in on it, but he wasn’t having it lol. Kris said, “So MJ’s feeling really good right now, because we think it would be a good idea for MJ to, like, try out some MJ. Do you know what I’m saying?, Do you know what marijuana is?”. Bruce came back with the close line, “Yes I do and I won’t have it in this house”. Way to go Bruce LOL!! Watch the clip below!

(Photo) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Announce ‘Mac + Devin Go To High School’ Part 2!

Wiz And Snoop have teamed up yet again for another chronic production, with the announcement of ‘Mac + Devin Go To High School’ Part 2. Snoop Dogg took to his Instagram account to unveil that 2015 will be the year of the Mac + Devin return!

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