Snowplows Used To Get What Off Highway & It Wasn’t Snow?!?!

Our favorite Condiment spilled all over a highway, hundreds of pounds of it too. Hit the jump for more!

Auto:(Photo) When Is A Highway No Longer A Highway

We have seen this happen to roads after an earthquake or some act of mother nature, but what if this happened with no explanation? Worse yet, what if it happened while you were driving on it! This highway in Arizona had a long stretch of it literally crack apart on it’s own. Pretty dangerous too, because it left some deep holes in the road that would of caused very serious accidents if anyone was around. Experts thought it was a landslide, but there was no evidence for that either. Take a look for yourself and check the gallery after the jump.

Cops Shut Down Major Highway For What?!?!

Texas cop shuts down free way, but why is he a hero? Hit the jump for the full story!

Auto:(Video) Bull Gets Loose On Highway, Attacks Cop

I doubt when this traffic cop went to work this day the last thing he ever imagined doing was being face to face with an angry bull. That is exactly what happened a couple days ago in Florida. A tractor trailer carrying 32 bulls went off the road and wound up it’s side. Most of the bulls dealt with the crash fine by staying put, but one of them was not in the mood. He ran up onto the highway and as you will see had traffic backed up and when a sheriff tries to get in his way he just runs right through him and flips him. If you listen at the end off camera you can hear the police letting those guns off at the bull. Check the video below. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) When A Prank On The Highway Goes Wrong

The road is definintely not a place you want to be joking around or trying to prank people. The people in this video are lucky the guys that intially tried to pull over and help didn’t wind up bugging out more than they did. Check the video below after the jump of a group of people trying to play a joke on random people….and watch it backfire. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) Crazy Hit & Run In China & Nobody Cares

This video is colder than the worst winter day. Check the video below of a hit & run on a highway in China just a couple days ago. They act like it’s just another speed bump! IamJOE357

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