(Videos) President Obama Responds To Accusations That He’s A Demon

Radio host Alex Jones from infowars.com believes that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are demons after all of the evil that has been going on in our country. He says the President smells like sulfur and always has flies landing on him, in doors, when no one else does. To defend that statement, at the second presidential debate the other night two flies landed on Hillary on live tv. See what Alex Jones had to say as well as President Obama’s response.

(Video) Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is The Devil; Threatens To Put Her In Jail If He Wins

During last night’s fast and furious debate, in case you missed it, this is one of the “highlights” from the night. Donald referred to her as the devil and says if he win’s the presidency he’s going to have a special prosecutor look into her case because there’s never been someone running for office with so many lies and so much deception.

(Video) Too Funny: Comedian Convinces Random People Hillary Clinton Dropped Out Of Race

Haha OOUUU….this guy really got people in their feels when he told them that Hillary Clinton has officially dropped out of the running for President of the United States of America. According to these people, right now, they think Donald Trump is running the country.

NBA: LeBron James Explains Why He’s Endorsing Hillary Clinton

In an editorial for the Akron Beacon Journal, LeBron James explained that he had two missions when he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers; one was to bring them a championship which he did, and the other was to help the kids in his hometown of Akron.  In starting the LeBron James Foundation, James is helping 1,100 kids go to college.  He says in looking at this year’s presidential election, there’s only one candidate that shares the policies and ideas of his foundation, Hillary Clinton.

Ty Dolla Sign Encourages His Fans To Vote So Donald Trump Doesn’t Become President

Ty Dolla Sign is now encouraging his fans to vote. Ty says even though he wants his fans to vote, he is not a fan of either candidate.

(Photos) Hillary Clinton Teams Up With Pusha T For Voter Contest/Twitter Loses It

Probably one of the most bizarre political moves in history, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton joins forces with one of her biggest supporters – Pusha T.

(Video) NFL: Colin Kaepernick on Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump: ‘Both are Proven Liars’

Many polls show that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the among the disliked candidates in United State history.  Like many others, Colin Kaepernick is not of a fan of them either.  The two candidates came face-to-face for their first presidential debate on Monday night, and though Kaepernick didn’t see much of it, he was far from impressed and did not have his opinion swayed.

Mary J. Blige Wants You All To “Shut The F*ck Up!”

Yesterday, Apple Music released a video in promotion of Mary J. Blige’s forthcoming show, The 411. In the clip, the legendary singer sits down with Hillary Clinton, and sings…awkwardly…about gun violence while holding Hillary’s hand. It’s a song that already exists, Bruce Springsteen’s “American Skin,” and the message is obviously on-par with the times, but between the hand-holding and fans still being scarred from the God-awful crispy chicken Burger King commercial, Mary was the target of social media’s memes and slander yesterday. However, she is NOT here to joke with y’all!

(Video) Mary J. Blige Sits Down With Hillary Clinton In Odd Video

Mary J. Blige was the center of controversy after her infamous Burger King commercial years back, and it seems she’s found herself right back in the same seat with a bizarre Apple Music clip with Hillary Clinton. The video is a promo for The 411, an ode to Mary’s classic 1992 album, which drops on Apple Music this Friday, September 30. While we do love Mary, everything about this video is just…odd. Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

(Photo) Former Congressman Steve Stockman Tweets “Release Your Emails Bit*h” During Debate

Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman got pretty fired up during last night’s debates as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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