(Video) Omar Mateen’s Father Shows Up To Hillary Clinton’s Rally

Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, showed up to support Hillary Clinton at her rally near Orlando recently. Mateen was sitting right behind Clinton as she spoke. Clinton’s team says Mateen was not invited personally. In fact, they had no idea he was even there.

(Photo + Video) Donald Trump Encourages Gun Owners To Take Action If Clinton Becomes President And Appoints Anti-Gun Judges

While speaking at a rally in Washington, Trump encourages gun owners to take action is Hillary Clinton is elected President and appoints judges who also oppose gun rights. Trump believes that is Clinton becomes President, she will appoint judges who want nothing to do with guns.

(Video) Trump Says His Polices Would’ve Prevented 9/11, Calls Hillary Clinton The Founder Of ISIS

The bs that comes out of this man’s mouth on a daily basis is really incredible. He never ceases to amaze.

Pusha T Releases Tee In Support Of Hillary Clinton With Proceeds Going To Prison Reform

Pusha T is officially #WithHer. The VA native announced Friday that he’s backing Hillary Clinton, and did so with the release of a special edition tee-shirt for his clothing line, Play Cloths. Referencing Hillary’s infamous “Delete Your Account” tweet to Donald Trump, the shirts also feature the hashtag #ImWithHer on the back. All $32 of the cost of the shirt will go to Reimagine Justice, which is “a coalition committed to fund prison reform and post-incarceration rehabilitation.”

(Video) Bill Clinton Caught Dozing Off During Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

Arguably one of the most historic moment’s in our country’s history was Hillary Clinton being the first woman to accept her nomination to represent the Democratic party against Donald Trump. That means she’ll be battling Donald Trump in November. With this moment happening, they caught her husband “resting his eyes” if you will.

(Video) Lil Wayne Surprised Hillary Clinton Used Some Of His Lyrics

Reporters caught up to Lil Wayne leaving Playhouse early Friday morning and broke the news to hi that during Hillary Clintons speech, she used some of his lyrics.

(Video) Grandma Is Not Here For Hillary Clinton Nor Donald Trump

One Grandma is not here for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. In a video we see a woman stating she does not give a crap about Hillary Nor Donald Trump.

(Video) Killer Mike Speaks To Bernie Sanders Supporters At DNC

While at the DNC, Killer Mike got a chance to speak to Bernie Sanders supporters who are not too happy about him endorsing Hillary Clinton. Mike tells Sanders’s supporters that the revolution is not over yet.

(Photo + Video) Politics: Hillary Clinton Selects Former Virgina Senator Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate

Hillary Clinton has picked her running mate for the 2016 presidential election. Former senator of Virgina, Tim Kane, will be in the race to become vice president of the United States.

(Photo) Donald Trump Drags Hillary Clinton During His RNC Speech

Donald Trump has spoken. During his RNC speech, the candidate drags Hillary Clinton. He speaks on not agreeing with Obama making Hillary incharge of foreign police. He says it has made America ‘less safe.’

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