Q-Tip Named Kennedy Center’s First Artistic Director Of Hip Hop

Just last year, Kendrick Lamar performed at The Kennedy Center. Alongside the National Symphony Orchestra, K. Dot put on an amazing performance tracks like, “These Walls,” “i,” and “Alright,” off his album To Pimp A Butterfly. Now, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has just named legendary rapper and producer Q-Tip, the artistic director for hip-hop. Additionally, hip hop has earned permanent spot in the organization going forward. Kennedy Center’s press release stated;

“Q-Tip will establish a dynamic, new program that will stretch across all disciplines, bringing the historic roots, contemporary expressions, and transformative power of Hip Hop to the [Kennedy] Center and local and national audiences.”


(Video) Drake or Kendrick? Guess Who President Obama Chose

Following his final State Of The Union address, President Obama sat down with a few youtube personalities for a live-streamed interview at the White House. In the interview he was asked serious questions about politics and the state of the 2016 election, but they also had a little fun with questions about todays pop culture. When asked who he’d choose in a rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake the Commander-In-Chief had no problem making a selection. Can you guess who he chose? Find out who & why after the jump!

(Video) If You Missed “The Breaks” On VH1 – Watch It Now!

VH1 has had viewers patiently waiting for weeks ever since they announced that a new original movie entitled The Breaks was on the way. The movie is based on three friends – Nikki, David, and DeeVee – who are all perusing their careers in the music industry. The movie depicts the love they all have for the Hip-Hop culture and the risks they will take to live out their dreams. The entire movie is EXTREMELY realistic and truly gives us a tell-all guide on how to succeed in one of the hardest fields in the world. A very enjoyable movie with more to come! If you missed it, check out the FULL movie below.

See The Most Uniquely Popular Rap Songs In Different Cities Based On Spotify Data

In the beginning or rap, an artist could be lit in one city, and not lit in the next. Spotify proves that even in todays rap game, that hasn’t competely changed. Hit the jump to see the most uniquely popular songs in different cities based on Spotify data. Sommo: Twitter || Instagram Since the early 2000s, rap music is being consumed completely different because of the internet. In the past radio controlled everything! This caused artist to be hot in one region, but unknown in another. Jadakiss could be super hot in New York, and not too hot in California. However, after the internet everything changed. The rap game became a global game, with even British rappers like Skepta being able to tour in the United States. Well, with data provided by Spotify, it proves that some rappers are still very popular in one region, and not as hot in the next.

(Video) MC Lyte Says Fetty Wap Is A Hip-Hop Feminist

The hip-hop industry (and music industry in general) has a reputation for being degrading and disrespectful towards women. However, according to rap legend MC Lyte, the tides are turning and artists are beginning to change the norm when it comes to how women are referenced in their music. One artist, who has really caught MC Lyte’s attention when it comes to this is Fetty Wap. Check out what she had to say about Fetty and his positive attitude towards women below.

(Video) “Hip-Hop Is Troy Ave” Not Justin Bieber

Do you like Justin Bieber and does he have, or can he have a place in hip-hop? With Bieber’s wild antics and his seemingly transition over to the urban genre, Hot New Hip Hop decides to talk to the people on the street, and asks the questions. It is funny. Watch below.

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