Soulja Boy Sued For Hit & Run…That He Didn’t Do

Though he wasn’t behind the wheel of his Bentley when it was involved in a hit-and-run back in January, Soulja Boy is facing a lawsuit for the matter. Here’s the deal: Soulja’s boy Abrahim Mustafa hit a man on a motorcycle when he was driving Soulja’s car, and sped off immediately, leaving the injured bicyclist at the scene of the crime. He almost got off, but months later, a friend of the injured biker was able to get down to the bottom of the owner of the Bentley by asking around at a Roscoe’s that the accident happened near. Unfortunately for Soulja, California law has it that the owner of a vehicle who gives someone permission to drive is responsible for any incidents, so, that’s why he’s facing the suit. I’m sure he isn’t too pleased with his boy at the moment.

Crazy: Judge REVOKES Chris Brown’s Probation Because Of Hit & Run [This Could Mean Jail!]

I can’t believe a small fender-bender is really going this far. Someone in the legal system REALLY hates Chris Brown. Here’s the quick back-story to catch you up: Chris was involved in a tiny accident back in May where his Range Rover tapped the back of a woman’s car. He got out, gave her his license and insurance card and kept it moving. The woman, then realizing it was the insurance card for the wrong car and a VA license as opposed to a CA license, filed a report for a hit-and-run, since she did not have his proper info. Mind you, she barely had a SCRATCH on her car and zero injuries. Needless to say, Chris is pissed…and reveals that his lawyer had been reaching out to her multiple times to no avail. With the city of L.A. apparently not his biggest fans, they moved forward with the case and officially charged Chris with a hit-and-run. The woman then went on to say how Chris cussed her out and made her fear for her safety, despite the fact a majority of their exchange was…

Chris Brown May Be In The Clear In Hit & Run Case

Chris Brown was charged with a hit-and-run for a fender-bender he got in back in May, but he may be in the clear. The woman who he’d hit doesn’t want to have him prosecuted because there was no physical injury and only minor damage to her car, so his lawyer has filed to have the case dropped. But my whole thing is…why did she take it this far to begin with, then?! However, here’s an issue. The L.A. City Attorney has NOT agreed to drop it just yet. They’re currently deliberating right now. And even if they drop the hit-and-run part, there’s still the other charge of Breezy driving without a valid Cali license (as he’s only licensed in VA.) That wouldn’t be that big a deal, but he’s already on probation for the 09 Rihanna thing, so basically, every little thing is a big deal. I hope they just drop it all together!

WHOA! Soulja Boy’s Bentley Impounded By Police After Secret Network Of Cameras Find Him Guilty Of Hit & Run

Whoa, this ought to make you paranoid people even more shook! Apparently there’s a secret network of cameras all around L.A./Hollywood, constantly watching every car. One vehicle can be photographed up to 1000 times PER DAY. Thanks to said network, Soulja Boy’s red Bentley was recently impounded by the LAPD, after a review of footage from January 9th caught the rapper involved in a hit and run. A motorcyclist had T-boned the Bentley in Hollywood, and he ended up “seriously injured,” but the Bentley fled…likely because it was his fault, due to a reckless turn. A witness, who happened to be a friend of the injured motorcyclist, began asking around about the owner of the Bentley, and found out it belonged to none other than Soulja Boy. He alerted authorities, the cops got a search warrant and a judge agreed there was probable cause to believe the Bentley was involved in the accident, so they went and impounded the car. We’ll keep you updated on what happens!

Auto:(Video) WOW! Cop Runs Over Man & Leaves, But Who Is At Fault?

This video is crazy! A police officer in Orlando, FL is caught on a city camera hitting a pedestrian who was in the crosswalk. Now the pedestrian did not have the right of way, it was not his time to cross. However, if you are a officer of the law and you are supposed to protect citizens, are you supposed to just drive off? Nobody is blaming the officer for hitting the man because accidents do happen. But the fact that he left the man laying on the sidewalk and drove off is somewhat disheartening. Not even a call to 911 by the cop? The shady part also is when dispatchers ask the officer if he was the one involved he responds as if he is surprised they are asking him. The whole thing is sketchy. Decide for yourself after the jump.

Auto:(Video) She Buggin! Woman Tries To Run Over Multiple People After Fight

When it comes to a street fight there are no rules. You better be prepared for ANYTHING to happen at any point. This woman decided the best weapon she had was her own car after what looks like other females trying to attack her. She definitely lost her mind and started trying to take anyone who was in her way out. She even circles and comes back to try it again. Lucky for her she is able to get away right before Police show up, but I am sure after the fact she had some legal problems. Check out the fight after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Girl Gets Ran Over By Motorcycle, Then Kicked In The Street!

I’m not gonna lie, this girl made a bad decision yesterday trying to run across the street with a motorcycle coming, but it’s disgusting what else happened. As you will see, a girl tries to cross the street when a speeding bike completely takes her out and her body literally slides down the street. Somehow, the scumbag on the bike didn’t really get hurt, and with the girl laying there motionless, he decides to stomp on her. I guess his crappy bike is worth more than a life. Check the video below. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video)Woman Tries To Help Driver, Gets Hit Twice!!

This video is messed up and funny at the same time. Remind me to make sure I am COMPLETELY out of the way next time I help someone back up their car. This girl tries to be nice and help another person back up correctly and what does she get for her good actions? She gets to be hit by that same driver not once, but TWICE. She backs up into her, stops for a second, and then backs up into her even worse, SMH! Check out the video below and laugh along with me at this drivers stupidity. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) Crazy Hit&Run Caught On Camera

This just happened 2 days ago and thankfully the driver has already been caught and arrested and charged with attempted murder. This low life went out of his way to run over a girl walking because “she took too long”. Like WTF? who says that? Anyway he is locked up now but this video is crazy. Watch the video below after the jump and I guarantee you will have the same reaction. The action starts around 1:25 in the clip. IamJOE357

Lindsay Lohan Finally Has Some Good News

Lindsay Lohan is at odds with her father, her team wants an intervention, she’s in court left and right but finally…there’s some good news for the troubled actress! The case brought against her last month by a man who said she pretty much ran him over and fled at NYC’s Dream Hotel has been dropped, as the prosecutors decided there wasn’t enough evidence to get a conviction. She actually deserves this break for once, as even the surveillance footage showed the man running to get her after she passed, a far cry from his claims of landing flat on the ground after she’d hit him and “wreaked of liquor.” He clearly wasn’t even close enough to smell her! TMZ reports Linds is “ecstatic” about the case being dismissed, but still plans to go after the guy for defamation. As she should! Marisa Mendez

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