(Video) WTH?! 2 Priests Cover “The Devil is Lie” By Rick Ross

IFWT_Devil Is A Lie

I suppose this isn’t blasphemous, and might even be ‘Hip Hop Gospel’, I mean the song does have the ‘God MC’, Hov, on it, but it just feels funny watching this Priest mouthing the word ‘Nigga’, yet oddly amazing!!

(Photos *Graphic Content*)Muslims Cut Their Own Bodies During Ritual


Mosque floors run red in  India after Indian Shiite Muslims use whips with knives at the end to whip themselves in honor of the Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammad.  Unbelievable to witness the scene inside of the Mosque and the scars created upon themselves for a Holy reason.  Hit the jump for pics. Steph B

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