(Video) NBA: Police Officers Get Custom Sneakers From Pacers For Homeless Man With Size 17 Feet

Homeless people in need of clothes and shoes can usually receive them from donations but when your 7 foot tall and wear a size 17 in sneakers, those things aren’t as easy to come by.  Some police officers noticed the tall homeless man and wanted to help but it was difficult finding the kicks.  They reached out to the Indiana Pacers to see if they could help.  The NBA team offered to donate a pair a sneakers that were custom made for a former player.  The officers met with the man at a Waffle House in Indiana and presented him with the sneakers.

(Video) Another L: Dude Gets Beat Up By Homeless Man Again

What is he doing? You might ask…taking another L against a man living on the streets. I told you the first time….the homeless got survival tactics!!! Hit the jump for round 2.

(Video) Sleep: Dude Gets Choked Out For Messing With Homeless Man

Come on you should know not to mess with the homeless…they have survival tactics. Hit the jump to see this fool get put to sleep.

A Homeless Man Works In The U.S Capitol?

Yes,a homeless man works in the U.S Capitol. Charles Gladden has been working consistently at the United States Capitol for eight years and doesn’t have the money to fully support his finances.As a result, Gladden resorts to living in the streets.

(Video) LAPD Shoot & Kill Homeless Man In Broad Daylight & It’s All Caught On Video

We unfortunately have another shooting that took place earlier today involving police using deadly force. This incident occurred in downtown Los Angeles and involved a bunch of officers and a homeless man in broad day light and the ugly scene was all caught on video and uploaded by Facebook user Anthony Blackburn. The man was shot 5-6 times and died pretty much immediately. The video is very graphic. Details are still sketchy at the moment. Police shot and killed a homeless man after they’d Tased him for not coming out of his tent. The LAPD were originally responding to a reported robbery in the Skid Row district of downtown Los Angeles.

(Video) WHAT A MINUTE?! Homeless Man Kisses Paris Hilton!!

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Paris Hilton isn’t “charity,” but maybe it should be. On her way out of Tao in NYC, Paris stops to give a homeless man some money. A sweet gesture of course! The weird part was when the homeless man went in to hug and kiss her in appreciation and the socialite was in no way disapproving of the act.

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