(Photo + Video) Houston Police Beat Up Homeless Man

Two Houston police officers have now been suspended after footage shows them beating a homeless man. The other officer is seen in the video watching.

(Video) Two Homeless Men Who Alerted Police Of NJ Bombs Now Has Housing And Job Prospects

Ivan White and Lee Parker are the two men who played a part in stopping the bomb from going off in New Jersey. Lee Parker was looking for a backpack for a job interview when he came across the black one at the train station.

(Video) Homeless Man Gets Blessed With A Nice Big Plate Of Food

There truly are some good people in this world. In a video, we see a homeless man getting blessed with a huge plate of food. This truly made me happy! He was more than excited to have the food.

(Photo + Video) Lil B Helps Out An Homeless Family And Vows To Help Protect Children

Lil B is now taking initiative to protect children. While in LA, he got a chance to speak with a less fortunate family. He met three children and their mother and gave them $100 a piece and hugs.

(Video) A Homeless Woman Robs A Bank Just To Go Back To Prison

Linda Patricia Thompson figured robbing a bank and going to prison is by far better than being homeless. Cheyenne, Wyoming police responded to a bank robbery call. Upon arrival they found Thompson sitting on the curb waiting to be arrested.

(Video) Guy Makes a Song About Being Homeless!

You can make a song about anything nowadays lol This is real talent right here.

(Video) A NYC Man Gives A Shivering Homeless Person His Shirt And Hat On The A Train

Good Samaritans do still exist, and believe it or not many are right in New York City. Passengers of the A-Train headed towards Brooklyn caught a touching video of another passenger identified as “Jay” hand over the shirt off of his back and the hat off of his head to a shirtless and shivering homeless man who was also on the subway. See the video after the jump!

(Video) Homeless Veteran Beaten To Death With Hammer Dies After Being Wrongly Accused

The homeless veteran from Philadelphia who was beaten and battered into a coma last April for a wrong accusation made by a child, has passed away on Wednesday. The brutal video of the attack and full story after the jump.

Bride Gets Dumped On Wedding Day But Does A Good Deed Instead!

A 27-year-old bride in Sacramento, California was able to turn a bad situation into a good deed after getting dumped on her wedding day. 27-year-old Quinn Duane was getting ready to tie the knot when her fiancee got cold feet and decided to call the entire thing off just a few hours before the ceremony was set to take place. Instead of crying about it and having a complete and total break-down, she called her mother, Kari Duane, and decided to give back to the community since the $35,000 paid for the wedding was non-refundable.

Police Officer Rents Hotel Room For Homeless Family

Deputy Brian Bussell, a 25- year veteran of Butler County in Ohio, found a woman with her two children located in the Butler County police station. What he did next was a prime example of how public servants express benevolent energy towards their fellow community residents.

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