What The… Honda Forced To Pay Back $24 Million For Over-Charging Black & Hispanic Customers

It seems that Honda has been over-charing their African-American and Hispanic customers for quite some time now, leading to a huge lawsuit in which they now must pay up! The Federal Government started investigating American Honda Finance Corporation back in 2013 for violating fair lending laws.

(Photos) Honda Debuts NM4 Series Motorcycles!

Honda revealed their new NM4 Series Motorcycles at the 30th Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan. The motorcycles will be in production in the future. Check out photos of the dope motorcycles below!

(Video) Bruce Willis Has #HugFest In Honda Super Bowl Commercial

You would expect Bruce Willis to blow things up, even in a commercial, but he did just the opposite!

(Video) Car Of Missing New Orleans Teacher Found With Decomposed Body Inside

Terrilyn Monette, a 26-year-old teacher from New Orleans, has been missing for quite some time now after she was last spotted at a bar. When she did not return to work that Monday, her job became suspicious and realized Monette was missing. There have even been rumors that the Russian mob had a part in Monette’s disappearance. On Saturday, the teacher’s 2012 black Honda Accord was finally found out of Bayou St. John with a body inside. Being that the body was extremely decomposed, coroners are currently examining the body to give a confirmation if it is Monette’s or not. However, they did state that they are “99% sure” that the body does belong to the missing teacher. Watch the emotional video of the car being taken out of the water while Terrilyn Monette’s family watches.

Honda To Add Siri To Acura RDX and ILX

Honda plans on adding “Siri Eye Free” to its newer models of the Acura  RDX and ILX .  Later in the year customers will have the option to to add Siri Eyes Free integration which can be done over Bluetooth and usb connection.  Honda says the option will be  “dealer-installed option, which means “a hardware button swap/rewiring and/or software upgrade that needs to be performed at the dealership before you can take home your new car.” According to Honda the base model will run you  $21,680.00, plus taxes, license, registration, and destination charges)

Auto: Honda Will Have “Siri” On 2013 Models

Honda announced a short time ago that they will be the first car maker to have “Siri” installed on a few 2013 models. Many car makers said earlier in 2012 that they will also be using Siri in future models, Honda just happened to be the first to actually make it reality. I am sure some Apple lovers are looking at Honda a little different today. The software will be used in the Honda Accord, Acura RDX and IDX as a dealer option. Owner’s would need a compatible IPhone running iOS6 to connect to Siri, which will be done by the touch of a button on the steering wheel. My only question is why are all these car makers so quick to want to install apple related software? Have they not realized Android users make up more of the market share and in another few years who knows how the market will be? Regardless I am sure it will attract some attention for Honda.

Auto:(Auto Show Pics) 2014 Honda Urban SUV

Yes the name is not exactly catchy, but the car is. While Honda still has not officially named this concept SUV, ( It literally is called the urban crossover concept as of now ), the look of the suv needs no explanation. This is a big upgrade for Honda from what we are used to with the infamous CRV. This concept looks more like a Acura, the luxury side of the Honda maker. This appears exactly what Honda was going for when they thought of the crossover to begin with. It has a very sporty look, especially with those lines flowing down the ride, combined with those lights and Honda looks like they could have a hit on their hands. I could definitely see this being popular for middle class families and young cars buyers alike. Check the gallery above for pics from the release today. IamJOE357

Auto Talk: American Honda Places $700 Million U.S. Ad Account Under Review

American Honda Motor Co., facing a challenging is placing its $700 million U.S. creative and media accounts for the Honda and Acura brands under review. With the growing light-vehicle market Honda has to step back and gather their plans for the future. Click below to find out more. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Honda, VW Brand, Toyota, Chrysler Set Sales Pace

The car industry is on the rise again, feels like the economy is doing a little better. Honda Motor Co., Volkswagen AG’s VW brand, Toyota Motor Corp. and Chrysler Group reported high sales in November. click below to find out more. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Honda Uses “Christmas In Hollis” In New Commercial

“It’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens!” One of my favorite Christmas songs has been used by Honda in their latest car commercial. The Run DMC holiday classic is used to push the latest Honda Odyssey Watch more below. Julie A. x Funk Flex

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