(Video) Police Catch 5 Syrians Sneaking Into The U.S. With Stolen Passports

Honduras intercepted five Syrians moving towards the U.S. with stolen passports. Hit the jump to find out how Honduras knew the passports were stolen.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: The Murder Of A Police Officer In Broad Daylight

This happened August 7th 2013 in Honduras. Apparently 40 year old traffic officer Joaquin Santos Arita was helping a older woman across a busy street when he recognized the gang, and approached them. Now we’re not sure if he was planning on arresting them or just giving them some type of citation, but either way he ordered them off their bikes, and that’s when all hell broke loose. Video Below.

(Photos) Check Out This Surreal Underwater Photo Shoot!!!

Photographer Lia Barett has taken her creative energy to the next level with this photo shoot! Ever wonder what it would be like to drink coffee with the fishes?! literally? Hit the jump to see the impressive pictures!

Orgy In Hondurian Embassy Based In Colombia Forced A Resignation!

We all know that politicians love to get down and dirty! Just a fact LOL after all of the scandals that have risen over the last few years.  This one in particular was of epic proportions.  A large orgy was happening in the Hondurian Embassy based in Colombia where prostitutes even pooped on desks to leave their mark.  Well not exactly, that one prostitiute actually defecated on someone’s desk because she was asked to leave unpaid.  What started out as a holiday party turned into a scene from Animal House with politicians involved. Sex workers even stole computers that belonged to the embassy, after this chaotic,sex-filled night, the ambassador was asked to step down from his postion. Steph B

Man Who Slit Grandson’s Throat Could Escape Death Penalty!

Manuel De Jesus Rosales could escape the death penalty after slitting his grandson’s throat in front of his own daughter.  Rosales was known for being abusive and a heavy drinker in his neighborhood.  Hit the jump for the reason why he could escape the death penalty after committing this horrible crime. Steph Bassanini

Honduras Becomes Main Transit Route For Cocaine Trafficking!

According to the U.S. State Department, Honduras has become the main transit route for South American cocaine. Get the full report after the jump! Wendy L.

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