Pirates Sentenced To Life For Killing U.S Citizens???

The jury in a case regarding the killing of 4 Americans years ago, is recommending that the four pirates who attacked their yacht, get life sentences! Read more after jump.

5-Year-Old Boy Released After Being Held Hostage In Alabama Bunker!

A boy that was the center of the hostage that took place in Alabama has finally be set free. The boy is 5-years-old and was allegedly held hostage for almost a week in a bunker. The suspect of the hostage is Jimmy Lee Dykes (pictured above), a 65-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed a bus-driver before kidnapping the boy. Click below for more information.

So Sad: Man In Alabama Kills Bus Driver; Takes 6-Year-Old Hostage

These stories get more sickening every time. A man in Alabama has shot and killed a school bus driver, and took a 6-year-old kindergarten student hostage yesterday through today. Police SWAT teams and hostage negotiators were locked in a standoff with him for hours. More details below.

Algerian Hostage Situation Is Over

The UK and Norway have announced that the hostage situation in Algeria is over. Defense Secretary Philip Hammond announced that he is still pressing the government to find out exact details about this situation and why it occurred. There are not many details about the hostage situation outcome but we do know that a total of seven hostages and 11 militants were killed as a result. There is no word thus far as to how many Americans were killed besides the one that was reported yesterday. Read more below. Julie A.

(Video) Few Of 14 Hostages May Have Been Sexually Assaulted!!!

Earlier today a Nordstrom Rack store near Los Angeles International Airport was the target for two gunmen. One of the suspects girlfriends called police to tell what was about to happen. When Police arrived they found what was a 14 person hostage situation! Also, allegedly one hostage was said to be sexually assaulted, check out the video after the jump. AliTheGreatest

UPDATE: 4 People Killed, Including Gunman After Hostage Situation In Aurora, CO

Sadly the situation in Aurora, Colorado, in which  about 40 SWAT team members were surrounding a home in which an armed man was believed to be holding 3 or 4 people hostage has ended in bloodshed. Police were called to the home at about 3 a.m. and had been working diligently to get the hostages out safely, but to no avail they were killed. Hostage negotiators were also on scene to deal with the man who was said to be dangerous. Aurora, CO was the town in which James Holmes opened fire on a movie theater killing 12 people On July 20. Reports have just come in that four people, including the gunman, were killed during the hostage situation. We’ll have more details as they come in. UPDATE 1:59p.m.: One person who was held hostage was able to escape and alert authorities this morning. The suspect was shot by police officers at about 9a.m. and his three hostages are believed to be adults were killed earlier. Julie A.

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