(Video) Obama Says $400 Million To Iran Was Not For American Hostages

Republicans are finding yet another thing to criticize Obama about, as usual. Are they right this time though? Giving the Iranians 400 million, straight cash, might look a little suspect.

(Video) U.S Soldier Killed After Rescuing 70 ISIS Hostages

Sacrifice. One of our own made a successful heroing attempt at freeing 70 ISIS captives. Read more of this selfless story below.

(Photo) U.S. Government Plans For A New Hostage Strategy After Drone Killings

The shocking heartbreaking news about 2 hostages that were killed by a U.S drone during a counter-terrorism operation has sparked tons of controversy in the last 36 hours or so. Its sad that they were being held captive by terrorist but what stings even more is the fact that they died from a bombing that came straight from the U.S Government. It was “bad intelligence” a government official stated yesterday but good or bad the people want answers. So the government has plans for a new hostage strategy

ISIS Militants Post An Online Clock Warning The Killing Of Two Japanese Hostages!

ISIS militants posted an online clock warning a deadline for two Japanese hostages. The fate of the Japanese hostages still remains unknown. Read more on the story after the jump!

Florida Man Holds Hostages and Kills How Many?!?!

A florida man takes two hostages, and during the process ends up killing at least six, including the owners of the apartment complex. Read more after jump

Gunman Shot Himself Twice In The Head- Hostages Freed

The gunman who held people hostage today put an end to the drama by taking his own life. Luckily all of the hostages escaped safely. Click below to read the story. Melissa Nash

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