NFL: Texans Owner Says They’ll Likely Draft Quarterback Despite Giving Brock Osweiler $72 Mill Contract

The Houston Texans signed Brock Osweiler to a four-year, $72 million contract after a small showing with the Peyton Manning-less Denver Broncos, but their gamble didn’t quite work out.  Though they gave Osweiler a franchise contract, he is not their franchise quarterback.

(Video) NFL: Texans Rookie Hit With $16K Team Dinner Bill Including Over $7K Worth of Henny!

Houston Texans defensive back KJ Dillion got stuck with a $16,000 dinner bill Monday night after a night out with some of his teammates.

NFL: Houston Texans Release Arian Foster After 7 Seasons

As expected, the Houston Texans have informed long time running back Arian Foster that he will be released from the team.  Foster, who has been with the team since 2009, hasn’t completed a full 16 game season since 2012 and is coming off a torn Achilles that forced him out of all but four games this past season.

NFL Report: Houston Texans Expected to Release Arian Foster

The future of Texans four-time Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster remains unresolved with his status with the team uncertain due to his recent injury history and a hefty salary-cap figure.

(Videos) NFL: San Diego Chargers & Houston Texans Battle With Their Own “Hotline Bling” Videos

Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY has been getting in on the “Hotline Bling” memes, with some people even just remaking their own version of Drake’s dance moves. While it is getting a little tiring seeing the memes non stop on social media ever since the video dropped, it is still pretty funny. The San Diego Chargers got in on the action with their own video but they weren’t the only NFL team to do so. Not long after, the Houston Texans responded with their own as well.

(Video) NFL: Texans Fans Brawl In The Stands, Wind Up Tumbling Down Flight Of Stairs

The NFL eventually is going to have to work with security at all the stadiums in the league because violence with fans is happening too much. It is entertaining for the most part but as we have seen in the past, some of these fights change people lives forever. Thankfully this wasn’t one of those times but the way these guys tumbled down the stairs while fighting, it could have been much worse.

(Video) NFL: Rick Ross Shows Up On Sidelines For Texans Game, Proclaims Himself “JJ Watt Of The Rap Game”

It appears Rick Ross’ loyalty to his hometown Miami Dolphins is not that strong, despite him wanting an ownership stake with the team. Ross picked up a side-team, in the form of the Houston Texans, roaming the sidelines showing love to the players and receiving the love right back. Ross met JJ Watt, which prompted him to claim himself “The JJ Watt of the rap game”. Dwight Howard was also there, you know in case anybody cares.

(Video) NFL: Pierre Garcon Gets Into Scuffle With JJ Watt & Calls Him a ‘F*ck Boy’

Before I write this story I just want to say that football is a contact sport; fights always have and will continue to happen then players will move on.  They’re getting blown up now because we have videos and stories that spread fast through social media and the rest of the Internet.  Now onto to the story.  The Houston Texans are starring on “Hard Knocks” on HBO and premiered on Tuesday night. One of the highlights was the tension between the Texans and the Washington Redskins.

(Photos)NFL: Peyton Manning Was Almost Traded To The Houston Texans

The Denver Broncos have fallen short of winning the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning running the show and their window of Manning playing at a high level may seem to be closing since his history of neck surgery and father time may start to catch p on him. It looks like the Broncos realized this and nearly traded him to the Texans.

(Video) NFL: Not Everyone In H-Town Loves Drake, Texans Cheerleaders Aren’t Feeling Him

Everyone knows Drake LOVES Houston. He might not say it publicly but he might even like H-town more than his home of Toronto. The reason?? Well like he says he likes his girls “bbw” and Houston is the home of the thickest women in the country. Yes that’s a fact, I checked, lol. Houston in return loves Drake, they even made him part of H-town appreciation week earlier this year. Turns out though there is one group of people, specifically women, who aren’t big fans of his. Houston Texans cheerleaders.

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