HP Turns To THIS OS For Its New SlateBook X2!!!

Hewlett-Packard for the second time has enlisted Android as its Operating System this time for its new laptop/tablet called SlateBook X2. The device has a detachable 10 inch screen that allows customers to use the device as a tablet.

Gesture Control Coming To HP Computers

Leap Motion’s controls will be built into some of HP computers starting this summer. HP and Leap Motion announced this week that two will be partnering up and will release first set of gesture controlled PCs in May.

WOW!!! HP Chairman Does WHAT??

The chairman of Hewlett-Packard, Raymond Lane, is stepping down from his position but will still serve as a director on the board. He was recently re-elected to his position by 59% of the shareholders and he made the decision to step down because of the number of votes he received. Ralph Whitworth, Founder of Relational Investors, will temporarily take over his position.

HP Announces New Slate 7 Tablet

The company that seems to be behind everyone just announced a new tablet that will be able to talk to your printer. HP’s new tablet will use Google’ Android OS, and looking to compete with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad Mini as the device will come stocked with a 7 inch screen. The device will come priced $169 when it goes on sale in April in the U.S. Should be no suprise that HP choose Android as it’s primary option for an OS since Microsoft’s Windows 8 is not doing well on the market right now. “When we looked at creating a real killer product for consumers, a very portable, very entertainment-focused device, we thought that Android was the better choice,” said Alberto Torres, who signed on as head of HP’s mobile devices division five months ago.”

Snag Videos From The Web And Watch Them Later On The HP Pocket

HP has a new Wifi hotspot device that does something a little different from the others. The HP Pocket Playlist collects videos from Hulu, Netflix and other places where videos are shared and enables users to play them later. Of course there will be a catch in which customers will have to pay a subscription fee called play later. Users will be able able to share up to five devices which in the major players like Apple, Android and Windows. The device should be available February 15th for $129. Yungjohnnyravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk News: How Much is HP’s Stock Worth ??

How bad are things over at HP.  First the company released a statement saying the company will not be releasing any smartphones in 2013.  And today things got much realer when Analysts claimed the company is so bad their stock is actually worth negative $2.  How can stock be worth negative $2. I see some firings before the year is up at HP. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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