ABC Plans On Having LIVE TV On iOS Devices?!?

For the 1st time Ever, a major Broadcaster will show LIVE Local TV(at least in the NYC/Philly Areas 1st)! Starting this week, ABC plans on having a ‘Live’ Button in their App, allowing users to Live stream local Programming, which typically took a week or more to get content through the App(even the Web)…But there’s a catch! Hit the Jump.

Hulu Plus Improves Features On Latest Android Update

Hulu Plus recently released a new update of its app for Android users. The company rebuilt the player to improve playback performance, reducing buffering problems and other issues. Also the new player has increased device compatibility. The new streamlined design with 10 second rewind and previews. They have also added support for navigating the app via game controllers. Tasha

Hulu Announces It Has HOW Many Paid Subscribers???

Hulu has announced it has reached a milestone of 4 Million Paid Subscribers to its Hulu Plus service. Hulu’s subscription base has continued to grow over the past quarters.

Now We’re Talking!!! Hulu Plus Now Available On the Wii U, Second Screen Features Included

Finally, every Family Guy episode is now for your viewing pleasure if you have a Wii U. Even better, you can use features like searching for a show without interupting the one you’re currently watching thanks to the GamePad’s screen. Remember that Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month, but for all the shows you get, it’s a pretty good value. Link after the jump. Tat Wza

(Video)Tech Talk News: Is Netflix In Trouble???

Netflix is feeling the Pressure, Hulu Plus on it’s A**, Movie companies figuring out that hold the content cards, and viewers Not liking everything they see in the selection, The Streaming giant is in some dark days, Hit the Jump to see what it’s looking like! +TatWZA

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