LOL! George W. Bush Shaking His Booty In Africa…Why?

George W has silently been traveling the world with his wife Laura, and went on a humanitarian trip to Africa. In this interview both Dubya and his wife discuss the programs the American taxpayer has helped with the health crisis in Africa. At 2:45 they show footage of George W. dancing in Africa, and his wife just talks about how much she was laughing at him, and he admits that he got “carried away by the spirit”. Check out the footage after the jump.

(Video) Woman Recounts Rescue By Seal Team 6

Jessica Buchanan was working in Somalia as a humanitarian aide, when all of a sudden she was captured by Somalian pirates. They held her captive for nearly three months until the legendary Seal Team 6 rescued her. Watch the video after the jump.

Tech Talk News: @50cent & #SK Plan On Feeding The Streets…Literally!!!!

Using Facebook, Fif Is REALLY Gonna Make a Diff!!! Not like those Fake Ass Politicians(Not Like Pres. Obama) but For real for Real(like Pres. Obama), Him an his #SK(Street King Energy Drink) Partners plan on Feeding a Million People in 1 Week, WOW, Hit the Jump to find out How!!! WZA on Google+

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