B.o.B & Santigold “Make Boring Brilliant” with vitaminwater! [PROMO]

vitaminwater, alongside College Humor, is on a mission to entertain the most boring place in the USA, literally. Boring, Oregon has seen their town get a lot more action than usual this past month thanks to VitaminWater, and this upcoming concert is a great way to un-bore Boring’s residents. The Brilliance Uncapped exclusive concert series featuring B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim, and Uncle Skeeter will air on Fuse TV, April 3rd, 9pm EST. Check out a sneak peak video of how Boring was transformed below! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: Rick Ross’ Personal Chef Jeremiah Speaks On Working For The Bawse

Wonder what it’s like to cook for the bawse? Well look no further than Chef Jeremiah. Not only did he launch one of the first food trucks Miami has ever seen, but he is also the personal chef of Rick Ross. Check out his interview and the hilarious Reebok video between Ross & Jeremiah below! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: Chef Roblé Turned Rapper?

We came to love Chef Roblé when his hit show on Bravo showcased a young, black, cool, and pretty good looking chef, who was getting busy in the culinary world. As we anxiously wait for Season 2 of Chef Roblé & Co. to premiere, we can just enjoy his new rap parody group, hilariously dubbed “The Food Tang Clan”. Check out the video below! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: Horsemeat Found In The Beef At Taco Bell!

With horse meat turning up in so many different food chains and supermarkets lately, it makes me think twice about eating beef. China is the world’s largest consumer of horse meat, and parts of France actually have horse meat on their everyday menus. But here in America, I think I speak for most people when I say, I’ll pass. “Yo quiero, horse meat?” No thanks! Will this stop you from indulging at Taco Bell? Check out which Taco Bell tested positive for horse meat below! Caasi Cofer

FOOD: Pizza Hut Worker Caught Taking ‘Porn’ Break

While ordering a quick dinner from Pizza Hut, I’m not too sure I’d be happy with a worker watching porn…..even if he was on break. A couple in Richmond, Virgina seems to agree with me. After catching an employee viewing naked girls on his laptop and telling the manager, the couple was shocked by her reply. Watch what the manager had to say about her porn loving employee below! Caasi Cofer  

NYC Restaurant Week Begins Today!

If you live in the NYC area and have yet to take advantage of our biannual restaurant week, you are most definitely missing out! Eat fancy & impress your significant other without the $200 date worries. LOL. Starting today and ending February 8th, you can visit any participating restaurant and indulge in a 3 course meal for lunch or dinner at a very reasonable price! Check out more details below. Caasi Cofer

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