(Photo) Lira Galore’s Twitter Gets Hacked And Exposes All The Celebrities In Her DM

Looks like Lira Galore is now the victim of being hacked. The hacker is now exposing a lot of hollywood stars in her DM.

(18+ Check The Pic) India Love Leaked Nudes Hit The Web!

India Love, 1 of our favorite new ‘Check the Pic’ girls, but also a rising reality star on BET’s “Meet The Westbrooks”. She was also notable for dating Game for a bit but this latest bit of her in the news will potentially put her in the same category as JLaw, Kelly C from Big Bang Theory, KeKe Palmer, and other celebs who’ve had nudes leak ?.

18+ LADIES Check The Pics: Justin Bieber’s Nudes Leak!

Okay you of-age Beliebers: here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Thanks to a photographer who gave absolutely zero f*cks about Justin Bieber’s privacy in the confides of his property, we now know what the famous singer looks like in his birthday suit! Ladies, are you ready to see what the Biebs is working with? Hit the gallery to check it out and then let us know your thoughts!

(18+ Photos) Hot 97’s Nessa Talks About Alleged Leaked Nudes

Listen, since I work with Nessa, gotta tread this lightly, especially since I be checking her out on the low, but don’t tell her! Ok so here’s the back story, Nessa was ‘allegedly’ dating someone, whom’s current or ex-GF allegedly leaked said photo, hit the gallery!

(18+ Photos) Sports: Rihanna’s Alleged Boo Soccer Star Karim Benzema, Has Another GF & Her Nudes Leaked!

So there were numerous reports that soccer star Karim Benzema is dating Rihanna.  The two were spotted clubbing and dining together last month.  Well apparently Benzema is or was dating a girl who goes by the name Ana Montana real name Analicia Chaves.  Her Instagram page was allegedly hacked and is FULL of photos of them together; her nudes were also posted but then deleted.  In one of the photos she has the letter “K” and a heart tattooed on her wrist so it appears at one point they were serious.  According to the buzz around the Internet, her ex hacked her Instagram account and leaked her nudes.  I’m not sure who that ex is, some people claim the ex is Karim and he left her for Rihanna.  All the pics of her and Karim are still up while the nudes were deleted, draw your own conclusion on the hacking.  Rihanna is currently the only woman Karim follows on Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy the nudes until I find out more.

(Ladies Only) Empire’s Jussie Smollett Nudes Leak!

Empire’s Jussie Smollett Nudes Leak!Lee Daniels Show Empire has been the talk of the town ever since the show premiered a few month ago. Things have been really taking off for the actors involved as well. Jussie has had a tremendous leap in status. He is now label mates with the Queen Beyonce herself. He’s going on tour and he just appeared on Ellen and confirmed that “There is no closet that hes ever been in.” Go Jussie! More info after the jump.

(18+ Photos) Meek Mill Claims Leaked Nudes Are NOT Of His Package

Yes, this ‘leaked nudes’ thing has become too much of the norm. Following behind Love & Hip Hop’s Masika and the whole Chris Brown porn star thing, is rapper Meek Mill – ALLEGEDLY. An IG troll – aren’t they all – showed the world Meek Mill’s package with no hesitation, and he smoothly responds to the silly allegations. Check it out after the jump.

(Fellas Check The Pics! 18+) Love & Hip-Hop’s Masika’s Nudes Leak!

Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Masika has become the latest victim of the naked picture leak! Hitting the web this morning, a few intimate pictures of the reality star show her in the bed, posing for what was likely intended for one man’s eyes only. Unfortunately, they’re for everybody’s eyes now! Check out Masika’s nudes in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The Pics! 18+) Miley Cyrus Releases Her Own Nudes!

Miley Cyrus is #FreeingTheNipple in V Magazine, and just released the risque shots from on Instagram – though they’ll likely be deleted soon with IG’s nudity policy. The pics were taken backstage at her recent Bangerz tour, which was equally as crazy as the pics. Oh, and she also refers to herself as a “dirty hippy,” so there’s that. Check out Miley Cyrus naked and crazy in the gallery!

(Photos) Update: YG’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Was Hacked; Previously Puts Him On BLAST: Reveals Pregnancy, STD’s and More!

YG and his girlfriend Catelyn have been together for years, and he even stood by her side and professed his love for her in interviews when she did a brief stint in jail earlier this year. The young, tatted up makeup artist from L.A. remained mostly private about their relationship on social media, though sometimes posting plane tickets to the places YG was at, and even a photo here and there with her boo or even his family. That changed drastically yesterday, however, when in the midst of what appears to be a very nasty breakup, Catelyn put the Bompton rapper’s dirty laundry on display for the world to see.

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