(Video) Saigon Says Jay Electronica’s Buzz is ‘Deterred’, Talks Nicki Minaj Marketing Image And More

The ex Love and Hip Hop NY, lyricist Saigon, has taken to VladTV to discuss his values, the influences that other artists may have on his children including Nicki Minaj, Jay electronica’s buzz being deterred and much more. Saigon stated that although Jay Electronica is a gifted and talented lyricist, but his focus seems to be some where else. Check out the full interview below.

Lady Gaga Speaks On Her Image And Comes At Katy Perry!

Lady Gaga took to SXSW for “Creative” performances and raw, unedited talk! Gaga gave an insightful speech on the pressures of beauty within society and spoke on never wanting to be compared to those that strive for perfection like…. Katy Perry? Check out her full response below.

(Video) Dad Finds Out His Son Was Dead Body On Google Maps

He’s actually asking Google to take down the mapped image to be taken down as it’s disrespectful to his family.

Yahoo Reveals New Logo!!!

Yahoo has been gearing up to release their new logo for the past 30 days. Now the wait is finally over. The company unveiled its new logo via its Tumblr page.

Is Twitter Testing The Way YOU See Images On Your Timeline???

It looks like twitter could be testing automatic in-stream image viewing on some users timelines. The Next Web noticed that users are starting to see images on their feed without having to click on them.

(Photo) Wale Makes The Cover Of Urban Ink Magazine Dressed As WHO ?!?!

Is it Malcolm X…No, it’s Wale X! This has got to be one of the dopest things that I’ve seen in a minute. Wale not only portrays the physical features of the late great Malcolm X on the June 18th cover of Unban Ink Magazine, but his versus mimic those of the 1960s activist. I love it! This photo shoot, speaks volumes! It’s just a stepping stone for an artist like Wale with ambitions. He’s taken on the character of one of his idols. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Google Image Turns Into Atari Breakout!!!

To celebrate the 37th birthday of the classic Atari game Breakout, Google decided to turn Google Image Search into the 1970’s game. The original game was released in 1976 and the creators, Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow, based the game on the 1972 video game Pong.

People Are Offended By The Image Of The New “BLACK” Barbie Doll

How dare they! The angry folks that is. Photos of the ‘new black barbie’ have surfaced and folks (African American/Black) are upset at what the image of the doll is trying to portray black woman as. Is this doll over the top – YES – so is every other doll they’ve made with their little a** skirts and shoes in every color. We have shows like “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Bad Girls Club,” and celebrities like, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj running around here with the latest furs and colorful outfits and people have the nerve to be upset with the PLASTIC persona of the black woman. I am going to need people to get their lives in order. Check out who your daughters are really idolizing. Drop down bottom to see what the new “BLACK BARBIE” may look like with her Louis V. bags. MOMENT HAD!

(Video) Tech Talk Warning: Speeding Tickets By Camera Is Coming!!!

Now, We all get in a rush from time to time, much like we all used to run red lights from time to time, But when they instituted red light Camera’s, we slowed up on that for fear of that Ticket to come in the Mail, well there’s a NEW Camera system coming that tracks your speed and easily ID’s your license plate, So will you may be in trouble Soon! hit the Video after the Jump for Proof! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Web: Do You Know How To Search By Image On Google??

I know this was official this past Summer, and I’m sure all my Tech Geeks know well how to do this, but how many Tech interested people know how to?? I mean you might have seen the little camera in the search bar, and not thought anything except you were in the Image search, but hit the jump and see what you May have missed!! WZA on Google+

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