Apple Is Working To Fix WHAT On iOS 7???

Since Apple released the new iOS 7 on September 18th, users have been having issues with iMessage. The company said they have been receiving complaints of iMessages not going through.

WARNING: If You Have It, Do NOT Use The iMessage For Android App!!

It seems as though Android is the ‘on the low King of Malware/mobile virus’. I’ve been watching this the last couple of days and it’s getting a lot of circulation, so it’s time for a stern ‘WARNING’ *Dj Camilo Voice*

IMessage Contains An Odd Bug!!!!

A bug has been spotted in iMessage this week that makes certain words disappear. Phases like “I Can be the next Obama” and “The best prize is a surprise”, when sent without a period at the end.

Tech Talk News: iMessage And FaceTime Outage Fixed

Did you expecrince any problems with iMessage or Facetime yesterday?? Well some customers who upgraded their Macs to OSX 10.6.6 and customers with some idevices had some problems.  The problem lasted some 5 hours.  Apple didnt give any statements on  why iMessage or Facetime were down but they fixed the situation in a timely manner. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Mobile: Is Apple’s iMessage Ruining Text Messaging???

When Apple introduced their iMessage At&t said that it would cut into At&t’s text message revenue. Everyone thought At&t was being greedy, but it looks like they were right.  A new study done says that this year though 3 quarters texting has dipped 2%.  With iMessage, Facebook  Messager and Kik smartphone users have found loopholes to send text messages. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Web: Apple’s iMessage Is In Beta For Mac OS X….Get It While It’s Hot!!!!

LOVE IT!!!! I know I say that at least once a week, But at least once a week I really LOVE something, and it’s about that time!!! I use iMessage All the time to communicate with my iOS peoples, But since I am waiting for the next gen iPhone, I am only rocking an iPod(via mobile WiFi, Clear to be exact) But really when I’m blogging I have to always keep checking the pod to see who’s said what, But NOW, I can just tuned to my Macbook. Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk News: Will Airplay And Imessage Be Integrated To Macs?

Apple is all about intergration between their devices so I believe iMessage to Macs is possible. The Airplay feature to Apple TV is also a possibility, FIRE! Check out the video after the jump previewing the possibility. WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk NEW: What You Need To Know About iPhone 4S, iOS 5, And Siri!!!!

So I started noticing All the iOS Device users around me seem very Confused as to whats going on, I didn’t think I would Need to do a post like this, But here it is, I won’t blow you up if you hit me on Twitter/Google+ to ask “How Do I use this??” No, I will Help, Hit the Jump so you can know a little better on The NEW!!! Also Reports about Siri, problems, but it’s Siri-ous!!! WZA on Google+

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